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Eating Kangaroo

I believe in trying (almost!) everything twice. I had learned that kangaroo was butchered for meat in Australia, so I figured I would have to try kangaroo twice…if I made it to Australia. But this morning, I learned that not only can you find kangaroo meat in the United States, but a Jasper’s Cafe near my hometown serves it as one of their specialty burgers! So I figured I had to try it out. One try down, one more to go! Hopefully the second time I try it, it will be fresh and Down Under. Here’s the video of my first bite.

You may have noticed it was, well, messy. In addition to traditional fixings, this burger also included an egg, beets, bbq sauce, and bacon (which you saw me remove- I know, I’ve been told that hating bacon is practically unamerican!). So I probably didn’t get the full taste of the kangaroo with all the other flavors. However, the server did warn me that the burger might make me “jumpy!”

The restaurant staff actually was pretty funny. When the waiter was taking our order, he asked for my name. At first I was just going to say Jes, but halfway through speaking I decided to give my full first name. So it came out like “Jess-i-ca?” My sister made fun of me, and the waiter joined in on the laughs. Here’s what he put on our bill:

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2 thoughts on “Eating Kangaroo”

    1. The funny thing is, I hardly ever eat meat! (I’m not exactly a vegetarian, but more of an “ecotarian”.) I don’t prepare any meat for myself, but I’ll eat it if someone makes it for me or, like in this case, it is something unique that I have not yet tried twice. Several years ago I tried the Peruvian delicacy of cuy. That’s Spanish for… well, look it up for yourself! I was also asked to photograph a wild game dinner a few years ago, where I ended up sampling dozens of unusual meats! I was due for eating something unique, like kangaroo!


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