In my adventures, I enjoy enriching my travel experience as well as supporting travel-based businesses through the below services. If you would like me to form a partnership with your company or organization, please get in touch with me, I’d love to hear about what you do! If you e-mail, I will get back to you in a timely manner. For more information, read below:

What Can I Offer?
I am an avid traveler who is always looking for something unique. Combine that with years of experience working in media, tourism, and hospitality, and I can offer your company or organization quite a bit! My most popular service is reviewing (scroll down to read more on that), but here are just a few of the other services I can offer:
Newsletter Creation: I can format a professional, custom-made newsletter which you can distribute to your supporters, your staff, or your prospective clients. Brochures, business cards, digital magazines, and other desktop publishing needs can be created as well.
Writing and Editing: Let’s face it; any organization has a lot they need to write! From website pages and donor letters, to articles that can be featured in print magazines, I can help you out with your writing needs and dreams.
Press Trip Participation: This website is not the only place I write travel articles. I am a frequent writer for many publications, both print and online.  If your organization offers a press trip, you can guarantee exposure through several of these outlets. I will consider partially comped, fully comped, and paid press trips.
Reviews: Between this site and my other writing projects, I have experience reviewing for dozens of companies! Whether you have a book, attraction, travel item, accommodation, or something else that could use some extra media exposure, let me know! Because I love to write reviews, I can do this at no charge, and I’ll often write about it for multiple media outlets.



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