Shhh! Sneak Peeks to the Next Endeavor

After the three-month success known as the Mediterranean Trek, it is time to begin planning a new big adventure. Sure, I regularly take more low-key trips, but this one will be another long-term, cross-continental endeavor.

I’m going on The Great North American Road Trip! I recently got a car that I know can handle this journey, so I’ll load it up and head across the states. Better yet, this trip will be fused with service projects in as many states as possible, with the overall trip benefiting one very good cause. (I’m still working on the details regarding this, but I’ll announce the cause when I can!) Dates aren’t set yet, but it is planned to occur in 2016 or 2017.

I am currently looking for potential accommodations, attractions, and speaking venues in the following states. Please contact me if you think you may have an opening. (With such few details set in stone, please know that there is no obligation to host me at this time; I’m simply looking for possible options.) I am also looking to review while on this trip. In addition to reviewing accommodations, attractions, and other services along the way, I can accept product reviews at any time. I have listed some suggested review products at the bottom of this page.

States I May Visit
-New Mexico
-South Carolina
-North Carolina
-West Virginia
-Washington, D.C.

Items I’m Looking to Review
-Gasoline and Auto Maintenance Gift Cards
-Healthy, Nonperishable Snacks
-Walking Shoes or Sandals
-Modest Swimwear
-Closet Rod for Cars
-Portable Cookware
-Natural Sunscreen
-Camping Chair
-Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories
-Portable Mattress
-Ice Chest
-Travel-Friendly Tech Gear
*I’m also open to reviewing items not listed here