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Find A Job That Allows You To Live – And To See The World!

When thinking of the main things that people complain about in this day and age, our jobs are typically at the top of the list. If we could change one thing about our life, it’s usually job-related. It may be that we find ourselves working too-long hours. It may be that the workload of the job is too hectic, or that we are expected to do things not in the job description. It may be that you never have time off, which for a travel junkie is always distressing.

Of course, employment is a trade-off. The people who genuinely enjoy their work are in the minority. It’s hard to pin down exact numbers, but some surveys say that as few as 13% of workers worldwide are happy to go to work. We do it because that’s how we earn money – and can thus afford to travel like we want to. If you also enjoy your job, then that really is a bonus. What you need to focus on is work-life balance. You need to have time for other things.

You may not walk into the office with a broad smile on your face and enthusiasm for what’s ahead. But if the job is more than tolerable and you have the chance to chat with co-workers, it undeniably makes things better. You can then get home and chill, rather than simply recovering.

Librarian: Built-In Peace And Quiet

One thing that makes many jobs so stressful is a noisy, chaotic environment. In some jobs, you have people shouting at you on the phone. In others, you’re in an office full of people raising their voices to be heard. In a library, it’s just the opposite. It’s not a job without pressure – libraries need to meet budgets and are often subject to theft. But you can come home at the end of a day and relax a lot quicker. It’s also a job with quiet moments where you can plan, and read up about, forthcoming trips.

Administrative Work: Having Control Of Your Workload

Admin is an essential part of ensuring an office functions. One could not argue that it is without pressure and targets. However it is one of the increasingly few jobs where you clock in in the morning and out at night, and face little demand from the public. Companies often need seasonal admin cover, so if you have something you want to save for, a few months’ admin work can help.

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Many applicants discover Admin Clerk vacancies are the best way to control their workload. The pressures are mostly internal and, as long as you stick to the correct procedures, the job gets easier. There is also a lot of opportunity for advancement.

Hairdressing: Unleash Your Creative Side

A record number of jobs these days are in call-centers that can feel like a mental treadmill. Your interaction with the public is limited to apologizing and finding solutions within a narrow remit. Every day is the same, and your chances to broaden your mind are non-existent.

In a job like hairdressing or make-up artistry, you have the opportunity to speak to happier people and do something imaginative. Yes, you have to be on your feet a lot, and you’ll still have some annoyed customers. But it is a job where you can breathe and be yourself. Once you’ve got some experience under you, you can take it anywhere with you, too.

If you’re looking for a job to lessen the stress and improve your work-life balance, then the above are some options. There are others – just remember the focus is on a job you can leave behind at the end of the day.


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Gappers’ Delight: Things To Do If You’re Considering Taking A Year Out

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You’ve finished university. What next? Do you slip into ennui, applying for jobs every day and doubting yourself more and more each time your application is rejected? Or do you travel the world? Find yourself, learn new languages, meet new people and return to the job market with experience and a more positive outlook. We know which option we’d go for. We’d recommend around a year out to fully experience world travel in true backpacking style. So here are a few things to consider before you take the ultimate gap yah.

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Where Do You Want To Go?

The world is your oyster, so pick wisely. You won’t be able to go everywhere as you’re realistically going to have time restrictions and financial limits. But this doesn’t mean you can only go down the road for a couple of weeks. Consider the places and sights you’d like to visit the most. Popular destinations include: Thailand, Peru, Australia, South America, Australia and South Africa. Wherever you choose, make sure you have a full plan of everything you want to see and do while you’re there. Make a checklist and form some sort of itinerary. Stick to this itinerary and you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on any potential experiences.

Where Are You Going To Stay?

Accommodation can make or break a trip. If you’re travelling far and wide, the cheapest option is hostels. However these can have notoriously bad reputations. Some rooms have multiple beds and both you and your belongings will be in reaching distance of strangers. If this doesn’t sound up your street, budget hotels for travellers might suit you better. Check out reviews of where you’re planning on staying before you book. Cleanliness and hygiene should be top priority. Try to get rooms with safes or safety boxes for your passport and travel documents.

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Who Are You Going To Go With?

Truth stands in the statement that safety comes in numbers. It’s ideal to travel with a group of close friends who you can trust and rely on. If you do travel alone, be careful what areas you go to and when travelling alone in dark or secluded areas.

How Much Will It Cost?

This will vary from trip to trip. There’s no clear cut answer to this. It all depends on what you how far you’re travelling, how long you wish to be away for, how many excursions and day trips you want to take. There are so many factors involved. A good way to work out the cost of your trip is to note down every expense. Flights, accommodation, transport, excursion fees. Absolutely everything. Total it up and add extra money onto this amount for emergencies.

Things To Avoid


Voluntourism is when you head abroad to help the underprivileged or vulnerable within society and endangered wildlife. Projects include animal conservation, school building and teaching. Some voluntourism programmes are great and all volunteers enter into schemes with good intentions. However, some organisations are merely out to exploit good natured individuals and don’t give as much as they should to the people that need aid and help.

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Animal Cruelty

Many attractions in countries far and wide include animals that have been taken from the wild. For example, tigers in temples. Locals will make profit from taking pictures of you with these beautiful beasts. However, do you really think there are that many orphaned tigers roaming around these temples. These animals are often stolen from the wild. They are also drugged or sedated. Avoid endorsing and contributing to animal cruelty.

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Ever Wanted to Visit Sri Lanka? Then Read This

We all must daydream about escaping to a far island one day. To bask in the knowledge that we are just there in that moment. Sri Lanka is an island that many people often don’t consider as a place to vacation. I suppose it isn’t on the radar of many people who opt for more well known destinations like Thailand or The Maldives. But Sri Lanka has so much to offer. So if you find yourself considering this island in the Indian ocean as a place you want to visit then here is a little about what to expect.

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Getting to Sri Lanka is much easier to do these days than it ever has been. Thankfully booking through a Sri Lanka Travel Agent, you can often sort your travel and accommodation out in one fail swoop. This takes any worry out of travelling to a new location.

Sri Lanka is most known for it’s array of rainforest and beautiful sandy beaches. Not to mention the Buddhist links. With historical monuments dating more than 2000 years old, there is certainly a lot to see and do on this unique island. One of the most popular destinations to sightsee would be the 5th Century citadel Sigiriya. These ancient Buddhist ruins is an ancient rock fortress.

But with nearly 1600 km of palm lined sandy beaches, many people choose Sri Lanka for that desert island feel. It oozes relaxation and with wonderful weather to coincide with it, what is not to love? However, if you are more of an adrenalin junkie and like your water sports, then this place will still offer you excellent surf. For things like windsurfing, kayaking, yachting and water skiing. Not to mention the wonderful opportunities to witness the sea life by scuba diving in some of the clearest blue waters.

Accommodation is varied on the island. There is certainly something to suit all budgets. You will find your usual five star luxurious hotels in some of the most popular resorts. But there are some hidden gems that are equally just as beautiful with less of a price tag.

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If nature is more your thing, then the varied terrain that Sri Lanka has to offer will simply keep you occupied throughout your vacation. There are some amazing nature trails that will make you feel like you are on a real adventure. But nature isn’t all about roughing it through the forest. It can also mean heading to this island for healing and purpose. Being closer to nature enables you to cleanse your spirit and mind. So many visitors return back to the island simple based on this charm alone. The country’s native healing system Ayurveda has been perfected for more than 5,000 years. It was once the only medical treatment you could get until western culture took influence.

There aren’t many places on this earth that still have a lot of unspoilt areas. But Sri Lanka is definitely an island you should add to your bucket list for sure. Have you ever been to Sri Lanka?