I’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best deals, all on one page!


You can earn gift cards for gas, cruises, food, hotels and more just by signing up for Swagbucks. Click here to start off with $5 on Swagbucks!


Whether you want to share a space with other travelers, or you’d rather stay in a private home in a secluded area, you can find places around the world on AirBnB. If you create a new account with this link, you will get $40 off your first stay!


Often, in most destinations anywhere in the world, one of the best ways to enjoy and explore is on your own two feet. If you’re walking around, why not get rewarded for it? When you download Sweatcoin on your phone, the app will count your steps and give you Sweatcoin points. Use your points to buy all kinds of stuff, from cash, to travel gear, to once-in-a-lifetime vacations! Download Sweatcoin here!

While trains and buses are a great way to get around a city, you’ll have access to even more places with a car. Instead of renting a car, only use one when you need one with Uber. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about road conditions or traffic laws! Use promo code jessical42262ue to get your first ride (up to $15) FREE!


For shaving (whether you’re a man or woman), getting a razor with replaceable blades is a good space saver for long trips. I like using my razor from Dollar Shave Club, as well as their travel toiletries. Click here to get cheap, quality razors and other toiletries delivered to you from Dollar Shave Club!


When you go shopping, don’t pay full price! Get rebates on food and other essentials at many different stores with Ibotta. Some of the rebates even allow you to get products for FREE! Download Ibotta and start saving on groceries anywhere!


After a busy day of travel, it can be nice to wind down with a movie or show before drifting off to sleep. I like streaming videos from my phone, and I especially appreciate the selection available with PureFlix. Click here to get a free one-month trial of PureFlix streaming!

And of course, a great book to read while waiting for your flight or winding down after a day of adventure is my new travel guide, Uncommon Adventures. You can get it as a Kindle ebook or a slim paperback; either way, making it an ideal, easy-to-carry book for all your journeys! Click here to order Uncommon Adventures on Amazon!

Make both of our travels affordable! The above post contains affiliate links.