Nice France
Jessica at an Mediterranean Sea overlook in Nice, France

Jessica Lippe is a writer and self-proclaimed “adventurist”. Her wanderlust has resulted with her living across the United States over the past few years, including Oregon, Nebraska, and Ohio. She has journeyed through twenty-eight states, eleven countries, and four continents. She recently completed a lifelong travel goal to backpack across Europe. Her upcoming travel goals include visiting all 50 states, and eventually going to all the continents, including Antarctica.  Contact Jessica at LippeJL@gmail.com

Travel Writing and Consultation:

One of my favorite past times is travel. I simply love discovering new experiences. While I do appreciate the glitz and glam of tourist traps, I am usually a simple traveler. I tend to travel solo and slowly. I love exploring what others often miss, which is probably why some of my common activities include geocaching and finding crazy roadside attractions. Whether it’s a bike ride through a bustling city, or a drive down a country road, I know that travel is one of life’s best investments, and I want to express this to others!

I currently offer travel reviewing and consultation to interested accommodations and attractions. For more information on this, please click on the “Travel” tab.


I am a freelance writer with over 100 articles published, with various topics such as teen and young adult life, Christianity, camping, and travel. My work has been included in the following publications. Click on the available links to read one of my sample articles.

AAA Via Magazine
Camp Business (guest editor 2014)
-Character Building Ministries
-The Christian Journal
Devozine (advisory board 2009/2010)
Girlz 4 Christ Magazine (senior editor 2011-present)
-Insight Magazine
Next Step Magazine
Pristeen Magazine
-Shine Brightly
-Sisterhood (formerly Susie) Magazine
Something in Her Ramblings
Teach English ESL
-Transitions Abroad
Travel Fashion Girl
Traveling Mom
The Traveling Praters
-Young Salvationist

-And many more!

Contact Jessica for reprint permission of any previously published articles, or for customized articles that fit your publication’s needs.


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