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Simple Tips For a Stylish City Break


City breaks are a great way to see the country – or the rest of the world – in one short hop. And whether you are traveling with friends, lovers or alone, they give you a chance to enjoy new cultures, excitement and a lot of fun. So, if you are looking to get away for a long weekend to a new city or country, read on – these simple tips will help you make the most of your stylish city break.

Plan it

Spontaneity is great – but it will end up costing you more money than you might think. Instead, plan your breakaway and put in some time and effort into researching your chosen destination. However, don’t plan too much – there is only so much you can do in a few days. A couple of fun activities during the weekend is all you need, and you can save your money to put towards eating out at a wonderful restaurant instead.

Book it

The simple truth about buying flights and accommodation is the earlier you book, the less you pay. It’s really that easy – so consider your options from around six months before you are due to fly. Scour the web for price comparison sites, and also go directly to the airlines. If you sign up for their email services, you will often find enticing deals arriving straight to your inbox, and will be more likely to snap them up for less.

Pack it

Ready to fly? Packing for a city break is simple enough – only take what you need. Check the weather conditions of the location you are flying too, and bring appropriate clothing. And leave some space, too – you will find that you can pick up some shopping bargains when traveling abroad and you need some way of bringing it all back.


Rent it

The beauty of a city break is that you get the opportunity to be who you want to be – just hire what you need. According to Legacy Car Rental, you can hire all kinds of luxury cars to get around, and you can even rent things like dresses and jewelry accessories for a totally glam night out. City breaks are short and – usually – inexpensive, so why not live like a queen for the weekend?

Snap it

Don’t forget to take a camera – you will want fantastic shots of all the amazing places you have visited. Practice a little, too – you’ll want to teach yourself to take pictures of buildings and landscapes without all the rubbernecking tourists in the way. A little pro tip for you – try and get out as early as possible when taking pictures. There will be fewer people around, and the natural light is a lot more atmospheric early in the morning than it is in the middle of the day.

OK, so there you have it – my top tips for planning, traveling and creating memories of your perfect, stylish city break. Do you have any suggestions to add? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Opportune Moment: Making The Most Of Surprise Time

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Turning down the call to travel is never a nice situation to be in. When friends are jetting off or you find a good deal, most people will find themselves searching for ways to make it happen. Of course, though, this doesn’t always seem possible, and a lot of people miss out on great chances to travel thanks to their worries or concerns. With the right effort, it doesn’t have to be this way, and this post is going to be going through some of the work that you can do to make your impromptu travel plans come together.

Evaluating Importance: Some vacations will always be more important than others, and only you will be able to decide how much you want to go to each place you get the chance to see. For locations which you’re not interested in, missing out on the adventure to work or study will be worth it. If it’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit, though, it will be a different story, and it could be worth taking some extreme lengths to make your trip work. This will be hard to figure out, bit is essential when making short notice plans, as your choices here could impact the rest of your life.

Finding The Time: Once you have an idea of how important a trip is, you will be ready to start trying to make the time for it. In most cases, the job you have will allow some annual leave which can be spent on travelling. But, of course, this will usually require some notice, and your employer might not be happy to give it to you without enough warning. If this is the case, you still have the chance to simply go, risking your job in the process. If you have a job which doesn’t matter, this could be worth it, as you will be able to get another upon your return.

Getting Some Funding: Along with having the time to see the world, getting the money together to fly and stay in a hotel will be hard, too. Getting your hands on cash loans near me can be a great way to solve this issue, giving you the chance to save the money once you get home, instead of doing it before the trip. Of course, though, this can be risky, and it will be worth making sure that you will be able to afford the money you borrow. Alternatively, you could also think about working to keep a pool of money saved just for this sort of event. Though you can’t always plan your travel chances, you can still prepare for them.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it should be a lot easier for you to start working on the time you put into your surprise travel plans. While this sort of thing may not come up all the time, it’s worth being prepared for when it does, as this will increase the likelihood that you will be able to go.

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Win a Trip to Israel + Recipe

I’ve always wanted to go to Israel, and I am sure many of you do too. Since getting to this beautiful Holy Land can be pricey, over the past year I’ve entered every contest I could find that gave away a trip to Israel. My most recent entry is too good not to share!

Seeds of Collaboration is a new tahini company that’s giving away a trip to Israel as well as a bunch of their tahini. I’m excited for both of these prizes and hope I’m a winner, but having a blog reader win would be great too! Click here to enter!

Tahini Recipe

While I hope to enjoy tahini in Israel, so far I’ve enjoyed it in both Greece and America. Here was one of my favorite ways to eat tahini while backpacking the Mediterranean:

You’ll need tahini, honey, and (optional) bread.

Mix a good helping of tahini with just enough honey to delight your taste buds. Yes, this is a recipe where you’ll get to taste the food throughout!

I often grabbed a spoon at this point and enjoyed my “Lazy (Wo)Man’s Halva”. But to make it portable for a day of exploration, I would slather it between two slices of bread, close it in my Snapware, and stick it in my backpack. It’s like the Greek version of the American pb&j. (And in the rest of Europe, my main sandwich spread was Nutella, but I definitely enjoyed tahini the best!) Most of my meals in Greece were either Souvlaki or this.

If you won a trip to Israel, what’s the first thing you’d do once you arrived? Share your answer in the comments and don’t forget to enter the contest!

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How to Travel on a Budget and Have an Amazing Trip

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If you want to travel but worry about the expense, you will be relieved to hear that there are lots of great ways of seeing the world without breaking your bank account or limiting your options too far. Travel is all about getting new experiences and meeting new people – it doesn’t have to be a luxury holiday.


One of the best and cheapest ways to travel is backpacking. There is something about carrying your bags from place to place that really grounds you in ways that wheeling a suitcase off a plane doesn’t quite capture.

While you can certainly create an itinerary for your travels and book ahead, if you plan to be a bit looser with your options, most hostels will allow you to make on the day bookings so that you can feasibly just turn up whenever you like.

One of the only problems with backpacking is making sure that your money is secure. Carrying lots of cash is quite risky, especially when you don’t know who you will be sharing a room with later on. Using a credit card is often a better method and there are all sorts of credit cards for average credit available that could be suitable for you.

Work and Play

While backpacking is grounding, combining work with your holiday will give you a chance to get to know some of the locals and live more like them than tourists. Working while travelling is also great for keeping some money coming in to fund your later adventures or even extend this one.

Australia is a perfect destination for work and play and they encourage tourists to apply for a work and holiday visa. This is great for you because it means that you can stay in the country for longer and can even use it as a base for other travels too. The only thing you really need to consider is that you must have the funds for the flight home at the end of your stay when you apply.

Save When You Can

While you are travelling, it can be incredibly tempting to just spend, spend, spend. However, if you plan extensive travel or would like to avoid getting yourself into debt, you should look for ways that you can save while you travel, that won’t impact your experience in a negative way.

There are lots of free activities like walking and exploring that you should make the most of and eating cheaply will save a lot of money without denting your enthusiasm. In fact, there’s a pretty good argument that travelling like this is actually better than throwing money at lots of tourist attractions that don’t really capture the spirit of the place.

Budgeting might not be the first thing on your mind when you plan a new adventure, but if you do take time to plan out how you will spend and when you will spend, you will find that your adventure is so much more relaxed. Having the money to travel is a real privilege and, if you spend it well, you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

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How Students can be Smart with their Money

It is difficult enough being a student, and one thing you have to think about is your finances, and how you will fund your studies. Their are some governmental loans available, but almost student have to take some action to ensure that they are using their money in the right way. This can be anything from thinking about your food choices, to getting a part time job, getting out loans, or even living from home while you study to save money.

There are so many inventive ways students can save money, you would be surprised what some people do! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking how you can save money when you study, or get you thinking about spending your money more wisely. Read on to find how you can relieve that stress about your finances, while being a student.



Food and drink are a huge expense when being a student, and you can easily spend so much without thinking about it. First of all, don’t buy your food from the most expensive shops. You might be used to organic chicken and the rarest cheeses from Italy at home, but now you have to think like a student. Buying in bulk will certainly help, and the freezer is now your new best friend. Making meals in bulk is a great way to save money, because instead of making 3 different meals that all need different ingredients, you can make one meal three times over. If you don’t want to use the food immediately, just freeze it for a later date. This also means that for lunch or dinner the next day, you don’t have to cook again.

Earn More Money

Make sure you have all the loans you are owed by the government, and you’ve filled them out right. There are also other sources that off student loans like this one: It is very common for most students to get a part time job while they are studying to help them along. This might seem like a huge effort, and a potential waste of your time when you could be doing other things, but it is very much worth your time. Not being taxed means that you are getting all the money you earn, so you will take home more than if you weren’t studying.

It’s also a great chance to use time management between working and studying. Not only will the extra money cause you a lot less stress each week, but it can look great on your CV too. Most people have to sacrifice something while they are studying. But it is well worth it.

There are loads of ways you can make or save money as a student, and here are just a few. Try any of these out and see how your finances can improve. Do your research too, and find out about inventive ways that can save you loads of money, or ways you could even make some more. Most students struggle with this while studying, but there are lots of solutions.

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Finding A Group Vacation


The first couple of months in the new year is the perfect time for you and your squad to start thinking about this years vacation. Unfortunately, big group vacations aren’t always easy to find, and even when they are, they can be expensive or even in a strange location. But there are some great gems out there. So what you guys need to figure out, is what sort of vacation are you looking to go on?

Winter break

A winter getaway doesn’t have to be in the winter – as long as there are ice and snow it counts right? Ski season centres around the winter months it’s true, but Alaska, Greenland, Finland – these places never truly thaw out. And with hikes, igloos, winter vacation homes, and the northern lights, it can be an amazing trip.

A dose of sun

Or you can head go or a bit of sunshine. If you’re suffering from lack of sun, then take a trip to the southern hemisphere now rather than waiting for everywhere else to heat up. Australia has a little bit of everything destination wise – beaches, mountains, hikes, spas, cities, shopping and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at. Or you can book for the summer and go Disney in Orlando, go wine in the south of France, or go the Mediterranean in Greece.


If you want a bit more sophistication, and not have to worry about the size of the accommodation, then a cruise is the perfect option. A cruise around the Caribbean would be fantastic. Live it up on the ship, with black tie nights and multiple restaurants. And enjoy days in the islands, maybe having a go on one of the world’s largest ziplines.

Road trip

If you want to stay in the country, then why not rent a car and travel the country. Road trip following a route, or travel down a coast. The west is full of beaches, and the east full of cities. Travel by monuments or museums, or travel by capital states. America is full of history, with cities full of the old and the new, there will always be somewhere that you have yet to explore. Pick an event and plan your trip in that direction; like Mardi Gras, or Christmas light switch on in Times Square.


If your squad is up for some adventure, then plan your vacation accordingly. Rather than finding a house for you all, look into a luxury hut on safari in Africa. Or a chain of hostels throughout Indonesia – you can all stick together or break off into smaller groups and meet back up later. Large groups of people rarely want to do everything exactly the same as everyone else, so by picking a travel destination, you each get to do what you want.

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 Lit London Neighborhoods For First-Time Tourists

There are loads of great reasons why London is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. It has so many great sights and attractions, including the likes of Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Big Ben. And thanks to its many different unique neighborhoods, each with their own unique character and personality there is plenty to discover during your trip.

You do need to remember that it is one of the biggest cities in the world, though, which can make cramming in everything into one trip quite difficult. It’s a good idea to base yourself in a neighborhood that has plenty to do and spend your time exploring that section of London. After all, you can always discover a completely different neighborhood on your next visit! Here are some of the best areas for first-time tourists to London.

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Soho is known for its very diverse nightlife as it is home to lots of bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect place for young visitors who want to sample the best of London after dark! Not only that, though, but it’s also just a stone’s throw from Leicester Square where some of the city’s best theaters and cinemas are. You’ll be able to take in a play or try and spot some celebs on the red carpet at a movie premier!

Covent Garden

Are you looking for an experience in Covent Garden? Well, you are very much in luck! There’s certainly plenty to do in this fascinating neighborhood. It’s another great area for bars and restaurants, just like Covent Garden. You’ll also find a brilliant market where you can browse lots of fresh local produce as well as all manner of cool trinkets. It’s a great place to go souvenir shopping!


Want to be close to some of the most important buildings in Britain? If so, then book a hotel in Westminster. You’ll just be steps from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. You’ll also be perfectly placed for exploring Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and Buckingham Palace. Westminster is also right on the Thames, so you won’t be too far from one of the many enjoyable boat trips that take visitors down the famous river.

Camden Town

If you want to experience the alternative side of London life, then spend a few nights in Camden Town. There is a really good indie music scene in this neighborhood, so you will find lots of open mic nights and gigs taking place most nights of the week. It’s also the home of the very famous Camden Market. Again, this is another great place for souvenir shopping. You might even spot some famous faces around the market as its popular with many singers, writers, and other famous creative types!

Hopefully, I’ve given you some great ideas of where you should stay if you are currently planning your very first trip to London. But you should have a great time no matter where you stay!

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Going on Your First Surf Trip?

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If you are planning your first surf trip, you are no doubt feeling excited and nervous about the whole experience. There is no need to fret: half of the fun is falling off your surfboard and getting back on again. It’s what the experience is all about! Despite this, it is a good idea to prepare and get some practice in. So, let’s take a look at some top tips for surfing beginners…

Have fun – There is only one place to start, and this is with having fun. A lot of people end up getting so consumed in the surfing and where they are going wrong, they forget about the reason they booked a surf trip in the first place: to have fun. After all, if you are not having fun, it is not worth it! There is a great quote: “The best surfer out there is the one that is having fun.”

Bend at the knees – One thing that most beginners forget to do is one of the most basic elements of surfing: bending at the knees. Don’t bend your back! If you do this, you are going to lose your balance, and you will end up falling in the water every time.

You will need to practice paddling too – Paddling may be the most basic part of surfing, but it isn’t easy. A lot of people are shocked to find that they struggle to paddle when they go away on their first surfing trip. The key to paddling is to find the right rhythm and keep it. This can be draining the first few times, which is why it is a good idea to spend some time getting into shape before you go on holiday.

Pace yourself – It can be very difficult to pace yourself when you are excited, but it is vital to do so. You can risk injury if you do not pace yourself properly.

Spend some time on dry land first – This leads on from the former point: don’t rush straight into the water. Do your stretching on the beach. Take a moment to watch the waves, and check your board and your leash. Watch the other surfers to see what they are doing too.

Surf a beginner’s wave – The final tip is to make sure you choose a beach that is suitable for a beginner surfer. This is vital to your surfing success. The whole learning process will be a lot smoother if you select a beach that is known for having good, steady waves.

If you follow the advice that has been mentioned above, you will feel much more confident about surfing for the first time. From bending at the knees to getting into the right rhythm when paddling, there is a lot that needs to be taken into account. Nevertheless, as stated, the most important factor is always to have fun! That is what you are going for, right?

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Traveling Solo? It’s a Breeze… 

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Traveling solo is something that concerns a lot of people. They are anxious about boarding a plane by themselves, let alone spending a full week or two in their own company. They worry that they will get lost… forever. They fear that the trip will be boring. Sound familiar? If you really want to travel on your own, but you are worried about doing so, here are some great tips that will make traveling solo a breeze.

  • Start saying YES – There is only one place to begin, and this is by saying yes in all walks of your life. The sooner you do this, the better. So, say yes to the hike your friend has been pestering you to take, or the coffee with the girl you have been talking to. Getting out of your comfort zone as much as possible will prepare you for travelling on your own.

  • Book through a specialist company – This is one of the best things you can do. Nowadays, there are travel companies specialising in all kind of areas and niches, including holidays for people that want to travel on their own. By booking through a company like Just You, you can be sure that the holiday is entirely catered to someone going away on their own. This means you will benefit from activities that are for one person, meaning no awkward moments. Plus, you will feel comfortable every step of the way, as you know your holiday has been catered to you and your needs only.

  • Know your limits when it comes to alcohol – If you’re the person who always seems to get in the biggest mess on a night out, you need to start practising some self-control. Getting drunk while you are on your own is never the best idea, so you need to start knowing your limits when it comes to alcohol.

  • Never underestimate the power of ‘hello’ – You will be shocked by how a simple ‘hello’ can transform your entire holiday. You could meet someone who enlightens you to something special about the place you are visiting. You could meet someone who becomes an integral part of your life for the rest of it. You never know what a simple hello could lead to.

  • Prepare a ten-second intro – When you meet new people, you will start with the usual stuff. Where are you from? How long are you visiting for? You know, the usual small talk. But, when these questions are over, it doesn’t mean the conversation needs to be over. You can open the floor for deeper conversation by having a small ten-second intro to fall back on. Of course, this doesn’t mean a rehearsed speech – keep it natural.

If you follow the tips that have been mentioned above, you can ensure that you feel confident, prepared and excited about taking a holiday on your own.

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Set Your Sydney Itinerary With These Essential Stops

If you ever get a chance to head to Australia, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the city of Sydney. It may not be the capital of this amazing country, but it certainly provides something for every kind of tourist or traveler. There are a few forms to fill in for your visa and some very strict entry restrictions. But once you’re in Australia, you won’t believe your eyes! Check out these essential Sydney sights:

The Iconic Opera House

This is one sight that would be very hard to miss! It is clearly visible from many parts of the city and all around the outskirts too. It sits in the harbor, and the design has inspired architects around the world for the last fifty years. Some say it looks like sails, while others believe the designer was looking at repeating patterns of orange slices! Either way, it is as glorious on the outside as it is inside. Book tickets and be blown away by the quality of the stage too.

The opera house lights can change color for different events. Picture source

The Botanic Gardens

There are gardens to enjoy in most cities of the world. But there is something quite different about Sydney’s Botanic Gardens. It is easy to reach from any part of the city. If you’ve taken advantage of an instant book Darling Harbour hotel room, then you’re only a half an hour walk away. Sydney is one of the most congested cities in Australia, but it is still possible to drive in and park if you would prefer without too many headaches! With the beauty and the quiet of the gardens, you might prefer to stay all day.

Sail into Sydney and see what you can see. Picture source

The Blue Mountains

Of course, if you do hire a car during your stay in Australia, you must take a day to head out to The Blue Mountains. The landscape here is quite extraordinary, and the views will not disappoint. Take a camera because you never know what native wildlife you might see for the first time here. There are many other attractions nearby, and plenty of facilities like cafes to keep you refreshed too.

Bondi Beach

If you’ve come to Oz for the beaches, then Bondi Beach won’t disappoint. Of course, it is the busiest of the beaches in the local area, so you might be fighting for space at peak times. Still, there are plenty of activities, and lots to do, including free outdoor gym equipment and seating. You might be able to join in a game of volleyball, or meander along the front to find some refreshments.

The Tower Eye

This tower reaches up higher than any other building in the city center, giving you an amazing 360-degree view. There are a few other ‘experience’ opportunities up there too. But if heights aren’t your thing, you’re only a four-minute walk around the corner to The Queen Victoria Building for the finest shopping in Sydney! Peruse or buy, or simply sit to watch the people go by. What will your experience of Sydney offer you?