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Finding A Group Vacation


The first couple of months in the new year is the perfect time for you and your squad to start thinking about this years vacation. Unfortunately, big group vacations aren’t always easy to find, and even when they are, they can be expensive or even in a strange location. But there are some great gems out there. So what you guys need to figure out, is what sort of vacation are you looking to go on?

Winter break

A winter getaway doesn’t have to be in the winter – as long as there are ice and snow it counts right? Ski season centres around the winter months it’s true, but Alaska, Greenland, Finland – these places never truly thaw out. And with hikes, igloos, winter vacation homes, and the northern lights, it can be an amazing trip.

A dose of sun

Or you can head go or a bit of sunshine. If you’re suffering from lack of sun, then take a trip to the southern hemisphere now rather than waiting for everywhere else to heat up. Australia has a little bit of everything destination wise – beaches, mountains, hikes, spas, cities, shopping and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at. Or you can book for the summer and go Disney in Orlando, go wine in the south of France, or go the Mediterranean in Greece.


If you want a bit more sophistication, and not have to worry about the size of the accommodation, then a cruise is the perfect option. A cruise around the Caribbean would be fantastic. Live it up on the ship, with black tie nights and multiple restaurants. And enjoy days in the islands, maybe having a go on one of the world’s largest ziplines.

Road trip

If you want to stay in the country, then why not rent a car and travel the country. Road trip following a route, or travel down a coast. The west is full of beaches, and the east full of cities. Travel by monuments or museums, or travel by capital states. America is full of history, with cities full of the old and the new, there will always be somewhere that you have yet to explore. Pick an event and plan your trip in that direction; like Mardi Gras, or Christmas light switch on in Times Square.


If your squad is up for some adventure, then plan your vacation accordingly. Rather than finding a house for you all, look into a luxury hut on safari in Africa. Or a chain of hostels throughout Indonesia – you can all stick together or break off into smaller groups and meet back up later. Large groups of people rarely want to do everything exactly the same as everyone else, so by picking a travel destination, you each get to do what you want.

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