Mediterranean Europe Trek Sponsorship

Mission Accomplished!

The Mediterranean Trek spanned 92 days from July to October 2015. Seven nations were visited, and besides sightseeing, Jessica had opportunities to meet with locals, teach English, practice environmentally conscious travel, support local economies, and inspire a love of travel and adventure by showing how everyone, regardless of gender, religion, ability, heritage, or financial status, that they too can explore the world!

Thank you to the following sponsors who helped to make this journey across Mediterranean Europe possible!

Even though the Mediterranean Trek has been completed, the travel is not over yet! Jessica Lippe doesn’t believe in simply going on vacations. Travel was meant to be meaningful, and every journey you’ll see on this website intends to reflect that. Are you or your company interested in sponsoring a future Jessica Lippe Uncommon Adventures trip? In exchange for your product, service, or other commitment, you will receive worldwide promotion with the publications I partner with and here at If interested, please contact me at!

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