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Group Travel: What Are The Biggest Pros and Cons?

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Group travel is the idea of traveling somewhere with a group of people. You all set off together, you plan an itinerary together, and you return home as a group. Typically, you classify something as group travel when three or more people are going somewhere together. If you travel alone, this is solo travel, while traveling with someone else is more couples traveling or traveling as a pair. 

Having read all of that, why would you consider traveling somewhere as a group? Is it beneficial when compared to other travel models? A lot of friends and groups go away together all the time, and they say it’s the best thing ever. But, you also get people that say group travel is not worth it. So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of going away in a group?

Advantage: Safety in numbers

Travel safety is always at the forefront of your mind when going to a different country. Your family will be worried about you, as will everyone else that cares for you. Traveling alone or in a pair can be more dangerous than traveling in a group. When you have lots of people with you at all times, there’s less chance of something bad happening. In most stories where something awful happens, the traveler is on their own. To put it simply; you have safety in numbers when traveling as a group!

Advantage: More laughs

The more people you have around you, the more laughs you can have together. Life is always more enjoyable when you’re in a group. You can make yourself laugh, and traveling with someone else will be a barrel of laughs, but having a group around you just amplifies things. There’s always a possibility of someone doing something embarrassing or having a funny story to tell. It’s simply impossible to go on holiday with a group and not spend most of your time wheezing with laughter. 

Advantage: Lots of themed vacations available

Group travel can be planned by one or two people, deciding what you all do together as a group. You can go off-piste and plan a trip around an area or to a specific city. However, a big advantage of group travel is that there are lots of themed vacations available. Companies like MTI Events will have offerings for things like golf vacations, theme park trips, and so on. Essentially, you and your group of friends/family can all go on a trip to do something specific. Again, you could do this alone or with another person, but most themed vacations make more sense when done in groups. 

Advantage: Great for weddings

Another item in the pros column is that group travel is perfect for weddings. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you can go abroad with a group of people to enjoy your special day with them. It means everyone is on the plane together, you stay in the same place, and it creates a unique and lively atmosphere. 

Disadvantage: Hard to plan

Planning your group travel can be significantly harder than planning one alone. Granted, you can find companies that will plan it for you, but this means paying extra for a service you don’t technically need. The problem with group travel planning is that you have to account for so many different people. Imagine you’re going away in a group of 10 people, you now need to find somewhere for 10 people to stay, a flight with 10 spare seats, transport for 10 people, and so on. When you go out, you have to find somewhere to eat and drink that all 10 people will like. You also need to rely on the 9 other people to be responsible and get everything in order for the trip. Will everyone remember passports and travel documents?! As a solo traveler, you only have yourself to worry about. Traveler in a pair means one other person, which isn’t nearly as challenging to plan. 

Disadvantage: More arguments

While you do have more fun with a group, there’s also the possibility of more arguments. This is more likely to happen when you travel with your family, but it can happen with friends as well. It was mentioned above that you have a whole group of people to organize things with. Therefore, it stands to reason that some members of the group will prefer doing some things than others. You can get in situations where minor squabbles occur between people in the group as you can’t decide on what to do. Also, being around the same people for an extended period can be challenging, so arguments are only likely to occur!

Disadvantage: Sometimes more expensive

In some cases, group travel can be more expensive than traveling alone. This doesn’t seem like it makes sense as you could theoretically split the cost of things between a group of people. However, the fact you have to travel with numerous people means that you are restricted in your options. For instance, imagine you’re traveling with over 10 people, you need to find a flight with at least 10 seats free. The cheapest options might not have that many seats available, so you end up paying more to accommodate everyone. The same goes for staying in places; will the most affordable options cater to your group’s needs? A lot of the time you are forced to pay more to find places that will suit everyone’s requirements and accommodate the entire group. 

After weighing everything up, you can see that group travel isn’t for everyone. Some of you might not like the disadvantages, while others may think the pros greatly outweigh the cons. One key thing to note is that a lot depends on the group you’re traveling with and the size of your group. For instance, a group of 3 probably won’t see some of the disadvantages we’ve mentioned, or they won’t be as substantial as a group of 15 or more. Still, if you’re interested in a different way of traveling – rather than going at it alone – this could be something to think about trying. 

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Here’s How To Ensure Your Road Trip Sets Off Without A Hitch

Are you thinking about planning a road trip for you and your family this year? It can be great fun to get out on the open road with the kids in tow. But you do need to make sure that you are planning a trip like this the right way. There are a lot of speed bumps you can hit on a journey like this. Let’s explore some of the best ways to dodge them completely. 

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Drive Safely

Taking long road trips on the open road seems safe enough. But because you’re traveling so much further than you normally would, the chance of getting hit by a big truck goes up considerably. 

Always drive safely. Take precautions. And, if you feel yourself getting tired, take a break at the side of the road. Don’t force yourself to keep going if you can feel your eyes closing. 

Also, if you plan on driving in the backcountry, put a deer whistle in your car’s front grill. Doing this will dramatically reduce the risk of an animal strike by scaring away any creatures in the area before you get too close. 

Obey The Law

It can be more difficult than people realize to stick to the laws of the road. This is particularly true if you have kids in the car. They can distract you from spotting a key change to the speed limit and before you know it, you’ll see red white and blue lights flashing in your mirror. Now, you can fight traffic tickets with the right solution, but you probably want to avoid them altogether on your road trip. The best way to do this is to take full advantage of the cruise control if your car has it. If it doesn’t then set up your Sat Nav so you can clearly see the speed limits of the roads that you are traveling on. 

Crucial Car Checks

One of the easiest ways to ruin a great road trip is to end up needing a tow truck. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you do complete the right car checks before you set off. The first is the tyres. You should look at the tread and make sure that they have the right pressure. You’ll find the right pressure printed on the inside of the door of the vehicle. You can check if a tire has good pressure simply by kicking it but you might want to invest in a pressure gauge for a more accurate reading. 

After the tyres, it’s important to look at the brakes. There are a few key signs that your brakes have seen better days. If they are squeaking, then it’s worth arranging a trip to the mechanic before you commence your road trip. 

Keep The Kids Entertained

Road trips can be quite long and you might be planning to be on the road for a few hours. If so, then you need to ensure that you are keeping the kids entertained. You can do this by investing in an accessory so that a tablet or iPad can be attached and secured firmly to the back of your seat. If you do this, make sure that it’s not going to move around, because this can make a child feel car sick and that’s going to lead to a lot of stops. Alternatively, just pack some pillows and ensure they are comfortable enough to have a nap on the long journey. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that you can avoid a few of the common disasters that families can face on their first road trip. If you take the right measures here, then you’ll get to your first destination without any issues and you’ll be able to continue from there.