Jessica Lippe is the editor-in-chief and a contributing columnist to Girlz 4 Christ Magazine since 2011. Girlz 4 Christ is a quarterly publication reaching thousands of teens around the world in the name of Christ. Get a free subscription to Girlz 4 Christ Magazine here. 

Jessica Lippe and Susie Shellenberger
Jessica Lippe with author, editor, and speaker Susie Shellenberger and the first magazine to feature Jessica’s writing.

In Print

Check out Jessica’s new travel guide, Uncommon Adventures.

Uncommon Adventures Jessica Lippe

Jessica Lippe has over 200 articles published, specializing in travel, Christian, and young adult genres. You can find her work in publications such as:

  • Devozine (Advisory Board 2009-10, 2014 Themes Selector)
  • Upper Room
  • Shine Brightly
  • Young Salvationist
  • The Christian Journal
  • AAA Via
  • Travel Fashion Girl
  • Hostelz
  • Camp Business (Guest Editor 2014)