My Books

I started freelance writing in 2008, and first published books in 2019. Below are some of my books, all of which are currently available to order on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. Be sure to follow my Amazon Author page for the latest updates, plus even more books!

Uncommon Adventures by Jessica Lippe

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Do you find yourself with a constant urge to travel? You’d love to explore, but there are factors in life that are holding you back. Maybe you don’t know the first thing about planning a trip. Maybe you don’t have enough money. Maybe you’re scared. Enter Uncommon Adventures. It’s packed with all the travel advice ideal for the Christian adventurer. With tips on how to save money, pack, and navigate your way through new places, you can ensure that your next trip will be your best adventure yet. Travel writer Jessica Lippe relates her experiences from travels across the United States and around the world. What are your travel ambitions? No matter what kind of trip you’d like to take, your adventurous dreams will become more attainable and manageable with help from the pages of this book. Don’t let that travel bug keep biting; take it on an uncommon adventure!

This one-of-a-kind travel guidebook is now available on Amazon. It’s only $6.98 in paperback and $2.99 on Kindle! Order Uncommon Adventures now!

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So you want to work at camp? This is not your ordinary job! Jessica Lippe, who has worked at camps across the country, brings you top tips in The Ultimate Survival Guide to Working at Camp. Find out how to pack, wrangle children, navigate camp crushes, avoid becoming a health center patient, and more while you enjoy the fun, games, and other perks that this unique experience has to offer! This is an ideal guide for those merely considering working at summer camp as well as for full-timers with years of experience under their belt. It can even be used camp-wide and given to each staff member to help with their training.

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Working at Camp is available in paperback and Kindle- order now!

Girlz 4 Christ

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From your friends at Girlz 4 Christ (Jessica Lippe and two other writers), reaching girls around the world in the name of Christ, we’re excited to bring you Girls Who Change the World. Actresses, athletes, authors, and other young Christian leaders that have been featured in Girlz 4 Christ Magazine over the years are now all in one place. Learn about role models like Nicole Weider, Sadie Robertson, Bethany Hamilton, and girls from all corners of the globe. Get inspiration for how you can change the world, too!

Girls Who Change the World is available in Kindle ebook and paperback- order now!

77 Days of Devos : A Teen's Guide to the Bible, Prayer, and Living Life God's Way by [Lippe, Jessica]

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The next 77 days could change your life…
Do you want to grow your belief? Do you want to understand how the Bible can apply to your life? Do you want to put your faith in action? 77 Days of Devos is for you! A one-page devo for each day includes a Scripture passage, a life application or meditation, and an idea for how you can live out what you just learned through everyday action. This book is a great introduction for those just learning about Christianity as well as a jumping-off point for those who want to dive deeper into their faith.
77 Days of Devos took over a decade to write, starting when the author was a teen herself. The true struggles, challenges, and victories of being a teen and young adult are reflected in each day’s devotion.

77 Days of Devos is available in paperback and on Kindle- order now!