Thank you for your consideration in supporting Jessica Lippe! There are several opportunities that can benefit your business. Feel free to contact LippeJL@gmail.com with any questions, or just to say hello!

A Local and Global Endeavor: So far in 2015, nearly two-thirds of readership at JessicaLippe.com comes from the United States. The other third of 2015 readers represent 50 nations.

Review Post Sponsor: In exchange for your item or service, I will feature your company within a relevant post and direct readers to your website in an emphasized shout-out line at the bottom of the post. This will never be removed from the website, so readers could be directed to your products or services both now and in the future! For more information about reviews, please check out the Services page.

Enhanced Post Sponsor: Instead of an emphasized shout-out line at the bottom of the post, your sponsor line will be featured at the beginning of a relevant post. This will help direct more traffic to you because these will be the sentences featured in search queries. You can also pair this with a review post sponsor so that you will be featured in the beginning, middle, and end! And just like the review post sponsor, this will never be removed from the website!

Full Post Sponsor: Want a post that’s all about you? This is your option. You can either write a post yourself, or provide me with the tools and resources to write a lovely post about your website, product, business, organization, or whatever it is that you want to spread the word about! I only accept one full post sponsor per month, and the post must be about something travel-related or have a unique twist that would interest travelers. Pricing for this includes many factors, such as timing and length of post, so please contact me at LippeJL@gmail.com for more information!

Sponsor of the Month: Have your ad featured in the left hand sidebar. There can only be up to three ads at a time, all of which will be featured above the search bar. Your ad will take up the width of the sidebar, and can be any height up to a square. Please note that ad design is not included in the fee, but a discount is offered to sponsors of the month for Jessica Lippe media services.

The Rules: Before requesting to become a sponsor, please read the following rules:

1. Jessica Lippe reserves the right to refuse any sponsors that do not reflect her values or align with the mission of this website. Only sponsors that she would personally use and recommend are accepted. She also reserves the right to cancel an ad or weblink at any time if the sponsor has significantly changed or has been proven to have inappropriate values.

2. After initial approval, payment will be made by check or PayPal before sponsorship appears on site.

3. I guess there are only two rules. But I’ll leave this third rule here because it looks more official. Haha.

If you are interested in helping your organization thrive, or have any questions about sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail LippeJL@gmail.com or fill out the form below.

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