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Set Your Sydney Itinerary With These Essential Stops

If you ever get a chance to head to Australia, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the city of Sydney. It may not be the capital of this amazing country, but it certainly provides something for every kind of tourist or traveler. There are a few forms to fill in for your visa and some very strict entry restrictions. But once you’re in Australia, you won’t believe your eyes! Check out these essential Sydney sights:

The Iconic Opera House

This is one sight that would be very hard to miss! It is clearly visible from many parts of the city and all around the outskirts too. It sits in the harbor, and the design has inspired architects around the world for the last fifty years. Some say it looks like sails, while others believe the designer was looking at repeating patterns of orange slices! Either way, it is as glorious on the outside as it is inside. Book tickets and be blown away by the quality of the stage too.

The opera house lights can change color for different events. Picture source

The Botanic Gardens

There are gardens to enjoy in most cities of the world. But there is something quite different about Sydney’s Botanic Gardens. It is easy to reach from any part of the city. If you’ve taken advantage of an instant book Darling Harbour hotel room, then you’re only a half an hour walk away. Sydney is one of the most congested cities in Australia, but it is still possible to drive in and park if you would prefer without too many headaches! With the beauty and the quiet of the gardens, you might prefer to stay all day.

Sail into Sydney and see what you can see. Picture source

The Blue Mountains

Of course, if you do hire a car during your stay in Australia, you must take a day to head out to The Blue Mountains. The landscape here is quite extraordinary, and the views will not disappoint. Take a camera because you never know what native wildlife you might see for the first time here. There are many other attractions nearby, and plenty of facilities like cafes to keep you refreshed too.

Bondi Beach

If you’ve come to Oz for the beaches, then Bondi Beach won’t disappoint. Of course, it is the busiest of the beaches in the local area, so you might be fighting for space at peak times. Still, there are plenty of activities, and lots to do, including free outdoor gym equipment and seating. You might be able to join in a game of volleyball, or meander along the front to find some refreshments.

The Tower Eye

This tower reaches up higher than any other building in the city center, giving you an amazing 360-degree view. There are a few other ‘experience’ opportunities up there too. But if heights aren’t your thing, you’re only a four-minute walk around the corner to The Queen Victoria Building for the finest shopping in Sydney! Peruse or buy, or simply sit to watch the people go by. What will your experience of Sydney offer you?

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