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Win a Trip to Israel + Recipe

I’ve always wanted to go to Israel, and I am sure many of you do too. Since getting to this beautiful Holy Land can be pricey, over the past year I’ve entered every contest I could find that gave away a trip to Israel. My most recent entry is too good not to share!

Seeds of Collaboration is a new tahini company that’s giving away a trip to Israel as well as a bunch of their tahini. I’m excited for both of these prizes and hope I’m a winner, but having a blog reader win would be great too! Click here to enter!

Tahini Recipe

While I hope to enjoy tahini in Israel, so far I’ve enjoyed it in both Greece and America. Here was one of my favorite ways to eat tahini while backpacking the Mediterranean:

You’ll need tahini, honey, and (optional) bread.

Mix a good helping of tahini with just enough honey to delight your taste buds. Yes, this is a recipe where you’ll get to taste the food throughout!

I often grabbed a spoon at this point and enjoyed my “Lazy (Wo)Man’s Halva”. But to make it portable for a day of exploration, I would slather it between two slices of bread, close it in my Snapware, and stick it in my backpack. It’s like the Greek version of the American pb&j. (And in the rest of Europe, my main sandwich spread was Nutella, but I definitely enjoyed tahini the best!) Most of my meals in Greece were either Souvlaki or this.

If you won a trip to Israel, what’s the first thing you’d do once you arrived? Share your answer in the comments and don’t forget to enter the contest!

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