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I’m Giving You Travel Money!

I don’t like to pay much for accommodations when I travel. Lately I’ve been doing some heavy-duty research on how to get the best experience possible in Europe for the lowest price possible. I’ll be sharing some of my amazing discounted finds soon, but today, I wanted to share something extra-special with you.

I want to give you travel money.


I am offering a $25 AirBnB travel credit to everyone who reads this. All you have to do is click here and create and AirBnB account. AirBnB offers accommodations such as guest rooms and apartments. After about fifteen seconds of searching, I found quite a few private rooms (as well as shared rooms and campsites) that could be completely paid for with just $25. Just think- your accommodation for a weekend trip could be FREE!

This BnB that I stayed at in Petersburg, Kentucky last year is listed on AirBnB
This BnB that I stayed at in Petersburg, Kentucky last year is listed on AirBnB. If you use your travel credit here, let me know and we can compare travel stories!

With lodging and transportation being the two biggest expenses of travel, an accommodations gift certificate like this can really help with expenses. (And if you’d like more free money, after you register with the link above, you can invite friends and earn more cash!) I’m still looking for free money to use on transportation… well, other than the unattainable frequent flyer miles… but I will keep you updated on any good travel deals that I can find!

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