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Taking a Practice Walk

Pardon the mirror selfie, but I wanted to show off my pack after my test walk.

Before a road trip, you always make sure that the car is ready for such an endeavor, right? It’s a good idea to get the main mode of transportation ready for a backpacking trip, too. And for my upcoming trip, that transportation would be… me!

I have worn my backpack a bit around the house, but yesterday I decided to take it to the streets. Except for a few small items, my backpack is completely packed. It weighs a little over 20 pounds. I wonder what the neighbors thought as I walked down the road with this big ol’ thing on my back! Was I running away? Did I think this rural area was for tourists?

I ended up walking about a half mile. I returned home sweating, but I think that was mostly due to this triple-digit Oregon summer. Regardless, I’m still glad that I sprung for a hybrid backpack with wheels. My first walk in Europe will be over two miles!

Do you “practice” for anything before taking a trip?

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