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What’s Your Service Style?

In late 2008, at the beginning of my writing career, I wrote a quiz called “What’s Your Service Style?” It was one of my first published articles, and it has since made it intothree magazines (Susie, Caris, and G4C). Since G4C is the only remaining of those magazines, it’s about time that the quiz was immortalized on the internet. I turned it into an interactive online personality quiz. You can take the “What’s Your Service Style” quiz here. 

There are three possible results, and being the quiz creator, I’m a bit of all three of them. Several of the quiz questions ask about big travel, but the results only suggest local activities. (Mostly because I know travel is especially difficult for the teens that this was originally aimed at.) So here are a few suggestions from my travel and service!


Like Helping Children?

-In Peru, I helped teach English through games and activities at a school.

-Many countries still have orphanages, which you can visit to do things such as work on construction projects or teach lessons.


Want to Keep the Outdoors Green?

-Choose sustainable travel, such as long distance buses, or even resolve to only walk or bike within a city!

-I’ve worked and volunteered at camps across the country (and still sometimes do).


Enjoy Helping People?

-One of my most recent volunteer experiences was Diverbo, where had conversations with Spanish natives to improve their English.

-Another thing I’ve done in the past was go to The Mission in Mexico, which is kind of like an orphanage, but for severely handicapped people of all ages.

What’s YOUR service style, in home and in travel?

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