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My short-lived experience on the Pacific Crest Trail in Lassen Volcanic National Monument. The hike just to get to the international trail was several miles, so my exhausted self only spent a few minutes on the official PCT.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dreaming up how to bring this site into 2017. I felt that it needed more structure and more focus. I’ve finally come up with a plan, and it starts with a name change. Jessica Lippe Uncommon Adventures will soon be…

Jessica Lippe On Foot

This name change will reflect the new focus of walks and hikes. And with this name comes a schedule.

Fridays will now be called “On Foot Friday”, with a new post about a different hiking trail or walking path each week.

Occasionally, you can also enjoy Sunday Specials, Throwback Thursdays, and the fan favorite, Money Mondays.

Ending a walking tour in Nice with a hike up Castle Hill.

Here’s everything you need to know (and some that you don’t!) about this new development.

Will the web address change?
Nope! You can still find me at

So are you no longer writing about gear, attractions, accommodations?
Actually, I hope to write more about them! While my goal is to make every post walking-related, there will be a focus on what I see and do on each of these walks. The starting point might be a unique lodging, or the walk itself might be within an attraction. I have plans later this month to go for a walk inside a famous attraction. (Hint: It’s not Disneyland, although that would be a fun walk to write about!)

Will you delete the old posts?
I don’t plan to at this time. I still think you can glean a lot of ideas by looking into the archives. In fact, some of them are already walking-themed!

Will this only interest hikers?
I hope not! I’ll certainly be writing about mountain hikes, but they will be balanced out with city strolls and other kinds of walks. Maybe I’ll even write about indoor walks. I’m not that into hardcore adventures that only the most physically fit can endure, so I will take more travels that more people can enjoy. The point is, when you use your own two feet, you open up a world of possible adventures.

Where will you be walking?
Wherever my feet take me! But in seriousness, whenever I take a trip, whether Spain or San Francisco, I fit in a few interesting walks. Now I’ll have the opportunity to write about them. When I’m not on the road, I’ll still write about the plethora of interesting hikes I’m taking near my home in Southern Oregon.

Can I still get travel tips from you?
Of course! I hope to weave in travel tips in my explanation of each walk.

What else will be in these Foot Features?
Each walk is different, but here is some consistency you can expect: Length (either official or my own estimate, depending on resources available), Foot Traffic (what the culture and people are like there), Foot Feelings (my personal thoughts on the sights, scenery, and difficulty), the name and location.

When will this start?
The first On Foot Friday Feature will be February 17, 2017.

Walking up the Eiffel Tower is so much better than taking the elevator!
Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, compliments, or complaints as we transfer to Jessica Lippe On Foot? 

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