Destinations So Perfect You’ll Want To Move There

It’s one thing having a lovely holiday that you know you will never forget. It’s quite another, however, to end up living there. There are specific locations which are just so beautiful that it is hard to tear yourself away from them and go home. And while it’s not always an immediate decision, from time to time you might just end up actually buying somewhere and moving there. Alternatively, you could end up getting hold of a second home or holiday home which you can visit for the holidays. But what kind of destinations tend to lend themselves to such moves?



French Riviera

If you have never been to the French Riviera, you are in for a real treat. With some of the most stunning views anywhere in Europe, it’s not hard to see why this is such a perennially popular destination for so many people. But for a certain few who visit, it can also end up being the ideal place to move to. The truth is that you could do much worse than buy a luxury accommodation in the French Riviera. Not only will you be able to spend your days surrounded by natural beauty and bathed in sun, but you will also probably be pleasantly surprised at some of the prices of the accommodation too. This is a must-consider for anyone who wants that real dream holiday home feel for a lower price tag than you would expect.


It’s not only one of the most popular US destinations, but one of the most regularly visited groups of islands in the world. Hawaii offers a classic beach getaway feel, no matter which corner of which of its many islands you might end up on. With a great combination of continual party vibes and some of the most glorious weather anywhere on Earth, this is the ultimate spot on the globe for the laid-back traveller. If you decide you want to make that your way of life – like so many before you have done – then you can do so by just getting hold of a Hawaii property. There is indeed no shortage of these, and if you don’t mind moving in from the beach a little you can find one for less money than you have assumed. The culture might well make it one of the best places you can possibly live.




This next one is not somewhere that people often think of for moving home, but the truth is that it is one of the single most extraordinary destinations in the world. It is incredible as a tourist, and even better as a citizen. With some of the best happiness rates in the world, a strong economy and hugely polite people everywhere, this is a great place to settle if you are looking to get away from the rat race a little. It also happens to have a deliriously cheap cost of living. Just make sure that you are ready to wrap up warm for the foreseeable future.

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