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5 Must-Do Activities On A Jaunt To Georgia

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning a classic Southern trip. Whether you’re wanting to relax or spend some fun time with the family there are so many things that Georgia has to offer. Pack your bags and get ready for the journey of a lifetime, because Georgia is bursting with Southern charm which is bound to keep every member of the family entertained.

1. Super Sports and Things To Thrill

In Georgia the combination of water and excitement are a common pairing. Experience some of the greatest water parks and marine activities like swimming, kayaking and even white water rafting. Visit the Island Dive centre, where you can receive professional scuba and snorkelling training. View the local sea life in their natural habitats once you’ve got the hang of your snorkel!

If you’d rather stay out of the water you could visit the most popular hang gliding resort in the whole of the US! Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding allows you to fly up to 2,000 feet in the air, with a fully trained instructor within touching distance. If you’re feeling brave you can even go solo, whilst under close supervision from the expert staff.

2. Health & Wellness

If you prefer to travel and feel healthy and relaxed you could treat yourself to a little Southern indulgence. There are several spas scattered across Georgia which can offer you a variety of different treatments, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want an overnight stay then Crossing Creeks is perfectly situated for a calm and quaint weekend of spa treatments. You will be surrounded by nature and feel at ease with the local environment.

There are also plenty of day spas if you just fancy a quick and calming treatment. Many places offer couples massages, facials and hot stone treatments to rid you off the stresses that may have built up in the recent weeks. Treat yourself to a tantalizing treatment and you’ll be grateful you visited Georgia.

3. Fab and Foody

The best place to fill an empty stomach is most definitely Georgia. With an array of dining options you’re sure to find the right food for you. Take a trip to Gainesville where you can experience live music at 37 Main. Tuck into some classic Southern dishes, like fried chicken and macaroni cheese. Experience the true cuisine of Georgia and you’ll leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

Cooked Leg Chicken With Green Vegetable Leaf

Image: Pixabay

4. Shop Till You Drop

Try out wide variety of shopping from the quaint boutiques to rustic flea markets. Sample the local Georgia grown products from resident farmers. If you’re looking for a bargain, Pendergrass Flea Market has over 500 booths of wares for you to check out. If you’re into antiques then you can check out The Victorian tea room in Jewell, where you will find exclusive pieces designed from resident artist Denis Coard.

5. Arts and Entertainment

Georgia is home to an abundance of museums, galleries and theatres, where you can make magical memories with all of the family. Enjoy a local concert in The Springer, which is the State Theatre of Georgia. Whether it is music or art that makes you click, you’re bound to find the entertaining place for you.

Don’t delay; make your trip to Georgia today!

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