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Camping Should Be A Group Experience

One of the best things in life is to experience the great outdoors with people you like, trust and hold near and dear. Away from the loud city life, and far beyond the tourist traps, camping out in the woods is quite liberating. You normally hear from people who have spent their fair share of time in the wilderness that you never look at the world the same again. This is approached with some scepticism until you’ve been in a place where there is no man-made light. You’re completely alone, surrounded by fresh air, sharing the world with other animals. For many, this is too much, a little too far from home comforts. So for those who want to take this adventure but have been putting it off because you feel like you would get lost quickly, going with friends helps. Camping should be a group experience, but like all ecosystems, you won’t manage to enjoy it unless you have things to help you manage.

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Boots made for hiking

Whatever you do, don’t be a typical city slicker out in the woods. Together with those you’re going to go camping with, go buy yourselves some actually trekking boots. Your flat converses or vans are not going to do well in the mud, woods, and dirt paths for too long. Instead, everyone in the group should seek some good heavy duty hiking boots that are made to bear the brunt of the elements. The harshness of the cold, rain and frost is going to put a damper on the mood of the group in one way or another. The last thing you need is cold and numb toes early or late in the day. The materials used for these kinds of boots are tough and rugged, giving you some extra foot protection from bumps and scrapes.

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Lasting the trip

In normal everyday life, we don’t see food for what is truly is in the wild. It’s a morale booster, it not only fills and warms your body up but elevates moods and willingness. So when you’re going to go camping with a group of friends, take into account the need of everyone’s stomachs. Coolers have evolved like any other product. You have lightweight, strong containers that keep your food and drinks fresh for a long time. The RTIC coolers vs Yeti debate is almost two sides of the same coin. Both these products are able to store over 25 pounds of ice easily. They both pride themselves on being able to store over 30 cans of drinks each, again quite easily. Although their primary function may be to store drinks such as alcohol and water bottles, you can, of course, use them to store sandwiches, and other snacks that might otherwise melt near your campfire.

Braving the cold and sitting by the fire is so much more fun when you’re surrounded by your friends. Going camping for the first time isn’t as tough when you can rely on other people to work together and make it easier. However what limits people from making progress in the woods is usually the lack of proper equipment. Taking rugged boots made for hiking will allow your team to cross streams, climb rock formations and wade through mud much more effectively. At the end of the day, and good cold one is just what you need to relax, so pick the right kind of cooler for your group camping adventure.

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