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9 Tips for First Ski Trip Success

Once you’ve been on a skiing holiday, you’ll know that it’s something that you’ll want to do again and again. But before your very first time? That’s a different matter. You’ll be thinking about whether you’ll be any good at skiing, whether you’ll enjoy it, and all the small details that need to be taken care of before you set off and while you’re there. You can take it from us: it’s worth all the thinking time you’ll put into it! And to help you along the way, we’ve put together some useful information that’ll make the planning and execution a breeze. Take a read, and begin looking forward to all those sweet carving moments in the mountains!


Pick Your Destination

The first thing to think about is where you’re going to go! There’s no shortage of outstanding ski resorts, not just in America but all across the globe. If you pick a big destination like, say, Veil or the Alps, then you’ll be throwing yourself into the best skiing terrain on the planet, and also picking a destination that is always abuzz with an atmosphere. But you can also pick a smaller resort, which may indeed be better if you want to keep things tame on your first outing. Skiing is fun wherever you do it!

And a Solid Group of Friends

Skiing is a primarily solo activity, but it should definitely be a group trip. You might not be chatting all that much when you’re working your way down the mountain, but that’s only going to account for around half the time; the rest is going to be spent riding up on the ski lift or resting your body at the end of the day. For those moments, you for sure want to have a good bunch of people around you to make it all the more fun. And if you go with someone who’s an experienced skier, then you’ll be able to receive some useful pointers along the way.

Limber Up

Skiing isn’t the most strenuous activity on earth, but it does require a degree of flexibility and fitness. In the weeks – or months – running up to your trip, consider doing some light exercises. Yoga is actually terrific when it comes to skiing; it loosens up all your muscles, which you’ll definitely need. Being tense in the mountains is not the way to go! Beyond that, it’s all about aerobics so you can keep going all day long. Who wants to head indoors half-way through the day because they’re tired? No-one!

Plan to take Lessons

You don’t necessarily need to have skiing lessons. If you’re with someone who knows how to ski, then you can pick up everything you need to know in an hour or two. However, with that being said, you’re likely to enjoy your trip much more if you take lessons with a professional when you first arrive. Most of the battle is feeling confident on your skis and on any terrain, and a professional teacher will be able to instil this confidence in you much quicker than a friend. It’s possible to reach a decent skiing level very quickly, but only if you know what you’re supposed to be doing!

Get the Right Equipment

You’re only as good as the skiing equipment that you use. And here’s the other thing: you can’t just use somebody else’s equipment because your skis, boots, and poles all need to tailored to your size and weight, and also because there are different types of skis for different skill levels. As such, make sure you’re getting the equipment that’s right for you by booking online with a company like Bridge Street Ski Haus. It’ll ensure you’re as safe as possible when you’re out there in the mountains.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

You’ll be ready to throw yourself into all the joys of skiing when you’re in that cool mountain air, but it’s important that you don’t overdo it. Tiredness can creep up on you when you’re skiing; it’s usually only when you sit down that you realise just how tired your body is. And after a long flight, you’re likely to be more tired than normal anyway. In the first couple of days of your vacation, make sure you’re heading back to the resort before your body gives up on you; you often have to ski multiple runs just to get back to base.


Know Your Limits

And on a similar line, make sure you’re not going too far beyond your skill level. Confidence is good; overconfidence is not! Ski what you’re comfortable skiing, and then gradually work your way up. You don’t want to go straight from a small run to a complicated run too quickly. If you can’t make it down without falling over every twenty metres, you’ll only set yourself back. Skiing isn’t a competition – if you’re having fun with the small runs, stay there. You don’t need to impress anybody!

Read the Weather

You will hope that you’ll wake up to blue skies and a layer of fresh powder, but even if you do, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the weather is going to stay that way all throughout the day. Weather conditions can change very quickly in the mountains. You can be in blue skies one moment, and then the next, visibility has been greatly reduced, and you don’t see a thing! Make sure you’re paying attention to the forecast, and always make it back down the mountain before the sun sets.

Nail the Apres-Ski

Finally, there’s the apres-ski, which is very often just as good, if not better, than the skiing itself. When it comes to picking your accommodation, pick somewhere that’ll be perfect for relaxing in the evening. You may not want to venture back out when you’re cold and tired! If you have a space with a roaring fire and enough comfortable seating for everyone, you’ll happily spend your evenings playing games and enjoying each other’s company. Here’s to a fun trip!

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