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5 “Travel Different” Ideas For Your Next Trip 

Now, if you’re reading this blog, then you’ll already know that traveling is awesome no matter what form it takes. However, there is sometimes an issue: we end up taking the same kinds of trips. If we’re culture vultures, we make whistle-stop tours of the world’s greatest cities. If we’re the rough and ready type, then we go for off the beaten path, budget destinations, and so on. There’s nothing wrong, necessarily, with this, but it is sometimes a good idea to mix up how we travel from time to time. Below, we take a look at a few ideas that’ll have you doing things a little differently next time you venture forth.


City v Nature

Most people place themselves on one side of the “city v nature” debate, but there’s no reason to be so absolute. Cities can be a lot of fun, even if you’re normally off swanning around the mountains. Likewise, the great outdoors can work its charms on you even if you’re more of a fine dining and fancy hotel type of person; it’s where we belong, after all! So the next time you’re revisiting one of your popular destinations, think about mixing things and going to the other end of the spectrum. Who knows…you might like it!

A New Activity

It’s a big and beautiful world out there, and there are a million and one things you can do. If you haven’t made an activity the basis for your trip before, then what are you waiting for? There’s much enjoyment to be had by going on a skiing, surfing, or hiking vacation. If you want to try your hand at surfing, book yourself into an Outer Banks oceanfront hotel; the region is highly recommended for watersports. For skiing, it’s about picking a mid-size resort (avoid the gigantic resorts until you have the activity down). And for hiking…pick a beautiful spot, and get out there.

Follow a Theme

If you’re looking to add some structure to your travels, then why not look at following a theme? If you’re a literature fan, you can follow a tour through your fictional or non-fictional heroes footsteps. There’s much to enjoy about retracing Hemingway’s travels through Spain, for instance. If you’re a foodie, then it’s hard to imagine a scenario where traveling through Italy, tasting the fine food (and just a bit of wine), won’t make your heart sing.

Slow Travel

If you have a few weeks to play with your next travel adventure, why not practice the art of slow travel? With this, you’ll spend a few weeks just in one place, soaking up all that it has to offer. You learn much more about a place the longer you stay there! Most people try to cram in as much as possible into their trips, but you might just find that visiting one place very well is better than just passing through several places. Give it a try…it might just change the way you travel for good.

Stay tuned for more “travel different” ways involving camping!

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