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The Best Places To Ride Your Snowmobile In The USA


Looking for the ultimate adventure vacation? There’s no better way to let off some steam than to tear it up on a snowmobile. The USA has plenty of fabulous locations for a snowmobiling adventure. To get inspired, check out five of the best places to ride your snowmobile.

1 . Priest Lake, Idaho

Idaho is well known as a beautiful location, and the Priest Lake is one of the most popular places for winter sports. Here you’ll find more than 400 miles of trails, winding through the epic landscapes of the forest. There are a range of trail elevations here, you can find deep forests that rise 2,000 feet above the sea, or trails through the mountains that get up to 7,000 feet.

At Priest Lake, you’ll find cabin rentals, RV parks, and plenty of spots to pitch up a tent. If you’re new to snowmobiling you can take a tour which will teach you the basics, and show you the most beautiful spots in the park.

2. Old Forge, New York

From the Old Forge, you can access a 10,000-mile trail that stretches across upstate New York. The trail sits just beside the Tug Hill Plateau, this spot has an excellent reputation, and there are even some famous snowmobiling events that run here. One of these occasions is the yearly Snodeo, where you can see talented snowmobilers compete in an epic event. 

There are several accommodation options to choose here, including Adirondack Lodge Old Forge, Beaver River Lodge, and Big Moose Inn. There are also a few luxury lodges up here if you’re planning a luxury vacation. Whether you’re travelling in Sandiego or exploring New York, there are so many beautiful and luxurious places to visit in the USA.

3. Chugach National Forest, Alaska

Chugach National Forest offers an amazing snowmobiling experience, this wilderness is set along the southern coast. Snowmobilers can access guided tours or brave the trails alone. There’s a popular snowmobiling club close by called the Anchorage Snowmobile Club. This organization is well known for hosting many snowmobiling events for the community.

4. Katahdin Region, Maine

In the Katahdin Region, you’ll find the Appalachian Trail, a famous place amongst the snowmobiling community. Up here you can enjoy breath-taking views of Mount Katahdin, and explore Baxter State Park. Katahdin is a popular destination with backcountry snowmobilers. You’ll find some great lodges to stay in here, and you’ll likely catch a glimpse of the Maine moose!

5. West Yellowstone, Montana

West Yellowstone is a wonderful place to explore with your snowmobile, in the winter you’ll get to experience the sight of huge trees that are totally buried in the snow. You can take guided tours here, or choose to do your own thing. Up here you’ll get to see Old Faithful, it’s a cone geyser that erupts during the wintertime, (which is certainly a sight to see)!

At all of these locations, you can rent snowmobiles and take a tour. If you’re a regular snowmobiler, and you enjoy exploring remote trails, you might prefer to purchase your own vehicle. If you’re in the market for a new snowmobile, check out polaris snowmobiles for sale near me. The Polaris brand has a fantastic reputation for producing top-quality snowmobiles.

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