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What Makes The Perfect Family Vacation?

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Family vacations can go one of two ways: 

They can be extremely memorable, creating memories that you cherish forever. 


They can be an absolute disaster, with arguments happening the whole time and memories created that you want to forget about and bury deep down never to revisit them again. 

Naturally, you want your family vacation to fall into that first category, right? How do you make sure that happens? Well, it’s all about learning what makes the perfect family holiday. Once you know this, you can ensure that everything is booked and your family is ready for the perfect experience abroad.

Today, we’ll explore some of the key things every family holiday needs to be special!

Things the whole family can enjoy

Finding things to do on a family holiday can be what makes or breaks it. If you only focus on things that adults will like, you’ll end up with some grouchy kids that make their feelings known. Places like The Family Vacation Guide often have loads of lists of things to do in various locations around the world, all of which are perfect for families. It’s about including a combination of things adults and kids will like, as well as finding activities that both demographics will enjoy at the same time. This way, everyone is happy!

Good weather

Is there anything worse than a family holiday that’s filled with rain and storms? You’re stuck inside for the entire trip, making it one you don’t want to remember. While you can’t control the weather, you can plan your vacation a lot better to lower the chances of bad weather appearing. This means looking to travel during seasons where the weather is most likely to be appealing – and picking locations with trustworthy weather. For instance, if you want to experience hot weather, travel during the summer months to places that are renowned for hot weather. If you want a snowy holiday, pick a location that gets a lot of snow in the winter. 

A great place to stay

Thirdly, great family vacations rely on great places to stay. What we mean is that your accommodation needs to be nice and suitable for a family. Are you going to have a great family holiday if you put your family up in a hostel with a shared dorm? Absolutely not. Instead, you need to look for hotels or Airbnbs that give you a comfortable and spacious place to stay. It ensures that everyone feels comfy when you’re not out and about – and that you can all sleep well. Hotels are possibly the best choice as you get breakfast included in most places, so your kids will enjoy the novelty of that. Regardless, you have to do research to find the most suitable place for a family of your size. Take the location into account as well – you don’t want to spend hours every day traveling to find something to do!

If your family location includes plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, a chance of great weather, and a wonderful place to stay, it will be perfect. You’ll have less chance of it being a horror show, and more chance of it being a holiday you remember forever. 

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