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A Kenyan Travel Itinerary: What You Need to Know to Plan Your First Trip!

Photo by Git Stephen Gitau from Pexels

Planning a holiday is never easy, especially when travelling somewhere new. No matter what your budget or the time of year you should visit Kenya, the country has so much to offer that it’s difficult to know where to start. To get you started on planning your first trip to Kenya, read this article for everything you need to know about travelling to make the most of your experience in Kenya.



The capital of Kenya, Nairobi is a vibrant and energetic city. It has a rich colonial history, modern infrastructure, and a variety of cultural experiences. You can visit the National Museum of Kenya, the National Library, the National Gallery of Kenya, and Uhuru Park, just to name a few. If you’re interested in wildlife, you can visit the Nairobi National Park, which is home to a wide variety of animals such as lions, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos. Visit the Great Rift Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Site.The Great Rift Valley is home to many animals, such as zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and gazelles.



Safaris in Kenya are an absolute must-do when visiting. They are the best ways to get a taste of the Kenyan way of life, see wildlife in their natural habitat, and learn about the country’s history and culture. There are many different types of safaris in Kenya, from budget-friendly to luxury. You can choose to go on an escorted or a self-drive safari. On an escorted safari, you’ll be accompanied by an expert guide who knows all the best places to go and see wildlife. Self-drive safaris are a bit more flexible and allow you to determine how long you stay in each place. 


Lake Nakuru and Lake Victoria 

Nakuru is a lesser-known Kenyan destination that attracts few tourists and is the perfect place to explore Kenya’s nature. With its diverse landscape, Nakuru is one of the best places in Kenya to see the Great Migration. While the Great Migration happens, you can see it up close at Lake Nakuru National Park. You can also enjoy watching the red flamingos and other species that flock to the lake when the migration is over. Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, is also a great place for wildlife aficionados. The lake is home to many species of birds, hippos, and crocodiles.


Baggage and Transportation in Kenya

The airlines in Kenya are very safe, with very few accidents reported. Kenya Airports Authority also ensures that all airports and safety procedures are up to date. If you are traveling from the US, the UK, Australia, or Canada, you do not need a visa to enter Kenya. If you are coming from Europe, you will need to show your travel documents at least 90 days before the flight. If you are coming from Asia, you will need to show your travel documents at least 30 days before the flight. If you are traveling by car or public transport, be aware of pickpockets and other petty crimes that can happen anywhere in the world. While crime rates are low in Kenya, there are areas where you are advised to avoid traveling, such as slums and border areas. You can always hire a car and driver if you would prefer not to take public transportation.


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