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Is Long Distance Bus Travel Right for You?

Is long distance bus travel right for you? Only if you enjoy traveling, like to save money, or want to leave a lighter environmental footprint!

In other words, the answer to that question should be YES!

Overnight Greyhound Bus

But I understand that some people might need some convincing. I know that I needed some encouragement at first! But just one month after my first Greyhound trip, I embarked on a bus journey across the United States! A year later, I was traipsing all over France and Spain by long distance bus.

I recently got my first post on Traveling Mom, a travel resource website for women who want to travel with (or without!) kids. It goes into more detail on why long distance buses should be considered for your next adventure.

Is Long Distance Bus Travel Right for You? Click here to find out!

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6 thoughts on “Is Long Distance Bus Travel Right for You?”

  1. I love bus travel. It is so easy and cheap. I went from Zurich to Würzburg (5h drive) for less than 15$ and it was such a great ride. While I am not necessarily a fan of Greyhound, there are some other bus companies that seem like a cool alternative, like Mega Bus. Have you tried them?


    1. That’s a great deal you found! In Spain and France I took the bus with Eurolines, and I’ve purchased tickets from Eurolines and Greyhound’s sites for routes that were contracted out to regional companies. I’ve looked into MegaBus, but their routes are pretty limited, so I haven’t had a use for them yet!


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