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Better Together: Why You Should Try A Group Holiday

It’s funny we spend all our childhoods with our mothers telling us don’t talk to strangers and now we’re advocating that you travel with a bunch of them! We know it sounds a little strange that a fully grown adult, with plenty of holidays under their belts, would want to tie themselves to people they’ve never met in a country they’ve never been to before. However, hear us out because we think you’ll change your mind!


You Can Never Make Too Many Friends

There are the standard ways of making friends, such as at school, college and at work and then there are more unique meetings such as through social media, work away days and even on planes! Human beings are very social creatures, and we love sharing our experiences with our friends, getting advice and just hanging out chatting about nothing. On a group holiday, you get the chance to make a whole bunch of brand new friends! You’ll share funny stories, visit unique places together and learn from each other’s experiences. One of the best things about group holidays is when you’re back home again, and you get together, it’s only a matter of minutes before one of your tour mates brings up something that’ll have you all reminiscing for hours!

First Times Feel More Magical

One of the reasons we travel in the first place is to share our adventures with other people, get out of our comfort zone and immerse ourselves in a country’s culture. Trying something new, overcoming a fear or fulfilling a lifelong dream is fantastic, but discovering these things as a group instantly bonds you together with the way very few other experiences can. Once you’ve all tried exotic new foods, gone dancing at a local bar or survived a trek through a creepy crawly filled rainforest there’s very little you’ll feel unable to share with the group.

Your Leader Has All The Responsibilities

Where to go? What to see? How to get there? On a group holiday, none of that is your problem as a carefully planned, yet incredibly exciting itinerary has already been mapped out. Your only job is to make sure you don’t lose everyone, easily done when inside a large temple, get back to coach on time and have the best tour possible! If you find you want to do something last minute or have seen something not on the list but that you think the group could enjoy then your leader can make these things possible, if there’s time. Many leaders of hosted travel tours have spent considerable periods of time in that country; they know the cool places to go as well as the main sites and can communicate with the locals for you.


See The World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Not everyone shares the same opinions, and it can be refreshing to meet someone who’s viewpoint challenges your own. Learning from others gives us the chance to expand our knowledge and broaden our horizons. It’s much better to have an animated, interesting discussion over cocktails than reading alone at your hotel.


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