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Why Do People Love Snow Holidays?

My snow destination of choice is often Crater Lake National Park. It can be done as a day trip from my home, and snow is plentiful for most of the year. In fact, my most recent trip was a snow day at Crater Lake! My next snow trip will be to Wilderness Trails at the end of the month.

If you have never taken a proper ski holiday, it’s still time to experiment, and hopefully not break a leg! The heart of Europe – France, Italy, Austria and much more – has a tradition of amazing, snow-covered ski stations in which most of the population will spend at least a week every year. As the Brexit deal is not packed yet, it is still time to fly across and enjoy a proper snow holiday in the centre of one of Europe’s touristic ski stations. Don’t worry, if you are a beginner. There is definitely something for everyone, and that’s exactly why ski breaks are a favourite for many.

There Is Snow Everywhere And The Shops Are Still Open

Ski stations have one advantage over the British towns: They are not only used to snow, but they are also designed exactly for it. So, even though there may be a metre of lovely, white powder snow all over the mountain and in front of your charming wooden chalet, the roads are clear, and you can walk without risking to break a leg on the pavement. It goes even better: All the shops are open! You won’t need to survive on two packs of dried noodles. In ski stations, the snow doesn’t stop anything from working, and that is a real change. People are hyper-relaxed about it. In short, spending a week in a station will reconcile you with snow and all the logistic troubles that you might be used to associate with it.    

Snow Makes People Happy

The world is full of universal truths that help us in a day-to-day life, such as a warm cup of tea solves everything, it won’t rain if you take an umbrella with you, and snow makes everyone happy. It’s human: As soon as there is snow, people become more playful. Whether it’s a giant snowman, or a day out on skis, there is always a way to enjoy a good snow holiday, depending on what you feel more confident doing. One thing is for sure, though; the entire family will end up with the broadest grin ever on their faces. So, book a little piece of happiness for you and your family next year, with family snow holidays in Sweden, for example, or a rustic chalet in the Alps!

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There Is Always Plenty To Do For Everyone

You may be a born skier, and in that case you will consider ski stations as a giant playground. But you don’t need to love skiing to have fun in the snow! There are plenty of snow-based activities that don’t require a pair of skis, such as ice-skating, snow racket hiking (or snowshoeing for the experts), snow bike exploration, or simply enjoying a peaceful walk outside before a warm hot chocolate at the local café! You will always find something to do, so there’s no need to ditch the snow holiday with the excuse that you can’t ski. Besides, you will find sufficient ski classes for beginners to give it a good start anyway!

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