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Upper Table Rock


Location: Just outside Central Point of Southern Oregon.


Distance: 1.25 miles up, and 1.25 miles down. I only walked around a portion of the perimeter once I got to the top, but I could have easily walked for miles at the 2091-foot elevation.


Foot Traffic

Because the unique wildflowers that just started blooming, and because it is Oregon’s last Friday of spring break, Upper Table Rock was bustling with visitors today. While the parking lot usually isn’t completely filled up like it was today, this, along with neighboring Lower Table Rock, is one of the most popular hiking spots in Southern Oregon.

IMG_20170331_133145While I passed a few people on the strenuous hike up, most people liked to linger on the flat top. I decided to walk along the ledge until I came to a few trees. I pulled my hammock out of my Lewis N Clark convertipack and set it up between two branches of an octopus madrone. Although there was solid ground on either side, behind the tree was a cliff! The dropoff provided a beautiful view. Using my two-person hammock by myself allowed me some relaxation and solitude. Yet I could still hear the conversations of those who passed by. Every group, family, and couple commented on my hammock! If I decided to pop my head, they would compliment my creativity in making Table Rock an even better experience. One person even asked if she could take a picture.


Foot Feelings

While the highlight of this walk was actually the part where I was relaxing instead of walking, the best item I brought up there wasn’t the hammock, but rather the bag I carried it in.


I got the Lewis N Clark anti-theft convertipack specifically for travel and walks, but since I got it a week ago, I have used it every day for every occasion. It replaced my purse, and now I feel more secure with security features like RFID blocking card holders. It matches both work and casual outfits. I took it to the movies. I took it to the gym, and was surprised to find this little bag could hold not only my purse essentials and luxuries, but also my water bottle and a change of workout clothes. I was even more surprised at what it held today… the entire hammock plus my packed lunch! All I needed to carry by hand was a water bottle. The tear-resistant straps can alter to me a cross-body or over-the-shoulder handbag, but my favorite variation is wearing it as a backpack.


The views of the Rogue Valley atop the Table Rocks are absolutely enchanting. It’s worth the steep trail to get there.


Trail Tips

-Table Rock is enjoyed by thousands year-round, but the most popular time is wildflower season from March to May. I try to avoid it during rain since the trail becomes thick with mud. The lack of shade in summer can cause sunburn and heat-related issues as well.

-Because this is a natural area, no water spigots are available, and the only toilet is at the parking lot. Plan accordingly.

-Realize you could fall 800 feet of you’re careless, but enjoy creeping close to the edge.

-Lots of children hike here. But because it can be a long and strenuous journey,  I’d only recommend bringing the whole family if you regularly hike… unless you’re willing to carry them most of the way!

Lewis N Clark provided the anti-theft convertipack for me to review and give my honest opinion. No other compensation was made- I even had to pay for my own gas to get out to Upper Table Rock!

-Lewis N Clark also provided a packing tube and hanging toiletry kit for me to use in my travels. Although they didn’t come into play today, stay tuned because they will be featured soon!



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