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The 3 Most Interesting Walks In Europe Any Hiker Should Complete


Walking is a meditative activity. It’s where the best thinking is done and can connect you to your physical body as well as your deepest reflective thoughts. Walking through a beautiful environment only serves this relationship. Walking is great exercise and will keep you younger, healthier and trim for longer and longer.

But walking around your neighborhood isn’t always the most interesting experience imaginable. Sometimes you need to get somewhere new and challenge your perceptions. Sometimes this might even mean traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to seeing what other continents have to offer.

Some of the most beautiful walks in the world are situated in Europe. With the deep historical and religious cultures situated there, there is an amazing amount of detail in the scenery to keep you fascinated for some time. You may even be able to walk historical routes taken by early religious pilgrims. What could be more exciting than that?

If you’re intended to travel, be sure to familiarize yourself with the upcoming legislation that will require non-visa required visitors to an EU country to make an application online. Learn more at the ETIAS website: The legislation isn’t likely to take effect until 2020, but it’s worth researching into now.

Without further ado, here are the best European walks you can take today:

Spain – Camino De Santiago

A deeply spiritual journey, the Camino is a walk popularized by pilgrims of the past who traveled to the apostle St James in the Santiago de Compostela. The cathedral is situated in the north of Spain. Part of the trek also goes through France, so it’s a great opportunity to visit two destinations for the price of one and see the differences between the culture.

Germany – Westweg Trail

This is just part of the greater walking trail in Europe named E1, and is largely contained of the black forest in south German, and connects the towns of Basel and Pforzheim. It’s an ambitious trail, totaling at a distance of around 180 miles. It will take a large and ambitious investment to walk it, but it’s likely to be life changing for those who do.

You might be thinking that the distance would be difficult for luggage considerations, but there are services there that will take care of this for you, leaving you time to explore the trail unweighted and unburdened.

Scotland – West Highland Way

Linking the towns of Fort William and Milngavie, the West Highland trail is the most well-known and traveling hiking path in the UK. It will take roughly a week to ten days to complete, and will give you a varied and inclusive Scottish experience. While there you should make the most of the Scottish experience, visit local pubs and eat Scottish delicacies. There’s no better way to get a taste of Scotland than hiking this route.

Three walks, three vastly different cultures, and geographical locations. Keeping these varied locales as a priority will grant you vastly different walking experiences, in different climates and time investment requirements. Be sure you pack the essentials and you’re more than likely to experience a life-changing journey.

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