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Old Town Bandon


Location: Bandon, Oregon, right by the sea

Length: Several blocks and piers


Foot Traffic

Last weekend I took a solo road trip. Bandon was my first stop along the Southern Oregon Coast. Because I had several other stops to make throughout the afternoon, I couldn’t stay long, but was able to walk a few blocks. Lots of other people were enjoying the sunny, yet slightly windy Saturday. I visited a few stores, my favorite being Cranberry Sweets. This shop is filled with so many unique samples, and I definitely wasn’t the only person enjoying pb&j popcorn and cheddar cheese fudge. Lots of others were on the pier to look at the scenery. Even kids were out there, utilizing complementary life jacket rentals for their safety near the water.


Foot Feelings

During high school, I spent my summers working at Lake Bradley Christian Camp in Bandon. Besides volunteering there for one day during college break, I haven’t been back. Although was only able to drive by the front entrance of the retreat center, walking through Old Town Bandon was a walk down memory lane for me. Since this was just the start to one of the most enjoyable weekend getaways I’ve ever had, new memories were formed as well. I hope your visit to Bandon will form warm memories as well.



-Bring a jacket to protect yourself from the wind!

-Although you may have difficulty parking right in front of a particular store or restaurant, there are plenty of places for your car within Old Town, both on the sides of streets and in a parking lot.

-Be polite with your free sampling at Cranberry Sweets… it can be easy to go crazy.

-If you can manage to visit on a fog-free day, you can view a lighthouse and other great sites.

-Enjoy the sculptures near the water. I think they’re new since I don’t remember them when I lived there. (Well, fairly new; I was last there in 2009!)

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