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The Many Ways a Smartphone Can Enhance Your Holiday

Many people prefer to travel without too much gear. They like to pack lightly so they can travel around wherever they choose, and it helps to keep them focused on the experience and not their smartphone or tablet. However, a smartphone (if used properly) can enhance almost any holiday, and here are just a couple of reasons why.

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Record Your Memories

One of the biggest reasons for taking a smartphone with you on holiday is to help you record memories. Smartphone cameras are surprisingly good nowadays and even cheap phones have decent capabilities when it comes to snapping shots and even recording videos. You can do a lot with the photos and videos you record. For instance, you could use a postcard app to turn your pictures into digital postcards to send to all your friends. It’s a great way of showing them what you’re up to, and it’s a creative way of using the photos that you’ve taken. If you travel often then look for a phone with a fantastic camera to bolster the quality of all your shots. You don’t need an expensive camera, but it does help to have a high-quality camera if you want to record your memories in higher quality.

Keep in Touch

Smartphones are fantastic devices for connectivity. They allow you to keep in touch when you’re abroad, and thanks to generous smartphone plans that many carriers are rolling out, it’s now cheaper than ever to keep in touch with friends and family back home while you’re out travelling. All you need is a WiFi connection which can be achieved in most hotels and hostels. If you’re travelling around and meeting lots of people, then it’s not rude to ask them if you can temporarily use their internet connection either. Some countries have pretty good 3G and 4G connections as well, but it’s recommended that you get in touch with local carriers and possibly swap your sim for better deals.


Never Get Lost

One of the best things about smartphones is their ability to use GPS. Most countries in the world have support for things like Google Maps, so if you have a smartphone with you there’s no excuse for getting lost unless you’re travelling to these locations. However, almost every country has their own mapping tools, so don’t be afraid to ask locals for advice or even download maps to your phone instead of using your phone connection.

Be Adventurous

Life should be filled with adventure, and it’s our smartphones that help us become a lot braver when we’re visiting a foreign country. In addition to these wonderful ways that a smartphone can improve our holidays, we have to give an honourable mention to translation services. Google’s own translator app has the ability to translate directly from photographs that you take, which is indispensable if you’re travelling in unfamiliar territory. It goes without saying that a smartphone can enhance practically every holiday you go on, so don’t be afraid to invest in a good one and lots of protective gear (such as a case) to keep it safe.

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