A Sizzling Staycation: Gulf Of Mexico Delights

When it comes to travel, it’s easy to overlook the destinations that are closer to home. With your mind enchanted by images of the Far East or the promise of the Australian outback, it’s easy to forget the rich delights right here in the US.

If you decide to consider staying within the US borders for your next vacation, then you’ve made a good first decision. However, that decision isn’t an end in and of itself; you now have to make the choice about where in the US that you want to go.

There’s so much to choose from here, from the ski slopes of Colorado to the scorching heat of Arizona– how can you possibly narrow down your choices? Well, here’s a little helping hand: why not consider these stunning locations that surround the Gulf of Mexico?

Destin, FL



Chances are that you haven’t heard of Destin, a community that sits in the Florida panhandle. However, Destin is a place that you’re going to want to get familiar with. As you can see when you visit SterlingResorts.com, there’s truly fantastic accommodation on offer that will delight even the most seasoned of travelers. With your accommodation sorted, what are you going to do while there?

Well, you’ve hundreds of options. There’s the gorgeous beaches to enjoy, overlooking the crisp blue waters of the gulf. If you like holidays with a twist of history, then the historical military site of Fort Pickens will call out to you for attention. Or you could take your time enjoying the famous Destin Harbor Boardwalk, where you can enjoy live music, a variety of restaurants, and even fireworks on special occasions.

Galveston, TX



Galveston is a small island just off the Texan coast, and offers a rich variety of delights for any tourist who ventures near. There’s plenty of accommodation on offer to suit every budget, so Galveston is well worth considering for a Gulf retreat with a difference.

First and foremost, consider the beaches; Galveston has some of the best beaches in the US, but so few people know about them! If you want to enjoy perfect sand, well-maintained beaches complete with showers and bathrooms, then Galveston has you covered– and you won’t have to share with thousands of others, either!

After a day sunning yourself, spend the evenings enjoying Galveston Pier. Rise early the next morning to explore two of the stunning historic houses on the island; Moody Mansion and the Bishop’s Palace. Though be careful when you visit the latter; brazoriaresearch.com insists the Bishop’s Palace is haunted!

New Orleans, LA



Okay, okay, okay– New Orleans isn’t technically on the Gulf of Mexico. But it’s New Orleans! If you’re going to stretch a definition, then New Orleans is wonderful enough to justify it.

New Orleans offers a cornucopia of delights that any culture vulture won’t be able to resist. From the music and nightlife of Bourbon Street to the bayou cruises complete with alligator spotting, there’s so much to see and do here that one visit will never be enough!

So while the world is waiting to be explored, don’t forget some of the wonders that the US has to offer an eager traveler. Enjoy the Gulf! 

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