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 I Would Love To Visit (Enter Destination Here), But…

When it comes to getting away, most of us have a list of things we would love to see and do. You could call it a travel bucket list. It contains your dream destinations, and experiences you’d love to pursue. The trouble is that most items on said list are followed by a large, and never fading BUT.

I would love visit to this place but…

I would love to do this but…

But money, but time, but motivation. Over time, it becomes less a list of things you’d love to do, and more a reminder of what you never will. Either way, it’s a sad way to live. Which is why we’re going to take a closer look at three common travel list wishes and dispel the buts which follow.

I would love to visit that ONE destination, but…

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We all have at least one dream destination we’re sure we could never get to. But if the stars aligned, THIS is the place we’d go. For some people, it’s Australia. For others, the Caribbean calls. Either way, you likely print pictures of this place to get you through. So, what’s stopping you? In truth, it can be a few different things. Money is a big one here, as you well know. Fear can also stand in the way. It could be fear of the long flights or the creatures you’ll encounter during your stay. Either way, it’s hard to overcome. BUT, not impossible. If you look into how much it would cost, you can set about a savings plan. If you look into facts and figures, those creatures might not seem so dangerous. And, if you visit a doctor, you can even overcome flight anxiety. Bish, bash, but nothing.

I would love to vacation on a yacht, but…

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Come on; we’ve all dreamt of this at some stage. If only you could be like guys on the films, taking those gorgeous women onto your yacht. You would be the stud of the century! Most commonly, though, money and means get in the way here. You can’t afford a yacht. Even if you could, you don’t live near the sea. Fear not, my friend. There’s a little thing called a yacht charter to rescue you. Here, you rent a yacht for a few hours, or a weekend. It already has a docking area, so that’s covered. And, a rental shouldn’t set you back too much, either.

I would love to visit those scenes on television, but…

You know the feeling; you’re watching Game of Thrones and driving yourself wild looking at the scenery. And, no, we aren’t talking about Daenerys… There are some pretty spectacular scenes on this and many other shows. But, they’re just sets, right? You can’t visit them. WRONG. In truth, many programs like this are filmed on location. For instance, all those King’s Landing scenes are shot in a Maltese fortress city called Mdina. And, you can visit that whenever the mood takes you.

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