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 Hop Into Your Campervan And Explore New Zealand

The best way to experience the vast number of attractions New Zealand has to offer, is to get comfy in your campervan and head off into the unknown. New Zealand has so much to offer and who knows what scenery and hidden gems you will uncover as you drive into the sunset!

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New Zealand covers all tastes and interests in what it has to offer. There is plenty of action for adrenaline junkies, culture, museums, mountain trekking and helicopter flights around glaciers – to name a few!

If you are planning on touring around New Zealand by motorhome, the following tips will help.

Choosing your vehicle

Unless you normally reside in New Zealand you will need to hire your motorhome on arrival. Try to budget for as much space as possible. Your trip is likely to last at least two weeks, so you and your family don’t want to feel cramped. Of course you will hopefully be enjoying the fabulous New Zealand lifestyle, so you won’t be sitting in your campervan for long periods.

If you have never travelled in a motorhome before, carefully research the facilities your family require and ensure they are included. For example if you are planning on staying on a remote camp site you may need the convenience of a large water tank.

If you enjoy the whole motorhome experience you may even find yourself considering class b rv’s for sale on your return!


You will need insurance to cover the rental period of the motorhome. Most motorhome hire companies offer insurance as part of the rental package in case of accident, fire and theft. Your credit card company will also offer insurance protection on vehicles of a certain size. It is important to check the exact cover.

Ensure you take out travel insurance as this will cover you for any healthcare and medical intervention required. Be sure to check what the excess is on your policy.

Remember to take copies of all your insurance documents with you, also email yourself a copy just in case details are lost.

What should you pack?

In theory you should need to pack little more than your clothes and buy groceries whilst on the road. Most motorhome rental companies hire out there vans extremely well equipped, with sufficient pots, pans and utensils suitable for the sleeping berth number. Bedding should also be included.

Don’t forget to pack your driving license along with important contact details in case of emergency. Other useful items to pack include, sunscreen, first aid kit and travel adapters.

Maneuvering your motorhome

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Motorhomes are remarkably easy to drive, especially as motorhome companies tend to lease vehicles that are new and in good roadworthy condition. In New Zealand, you drive on the left, which is the same as in the Uk.

Although easy to drive, it will take a little time to adjust to the width and height of your van. Practice and be very aware of bridges and tunnels with restricted height.

Due to the size of a motorhome, it is inadvisable to travel into cities where space is restricted. A better option would be to leave your motorhome in the campsite and travel by public transport or taxi when visiting the city.

All you need to do now is plan your route and enjoy your trip!

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