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Fun in the Sun or Travel Terrors?

Holidays are supposed to be an amazing time. We only get a handful a year, so it’s important to make the most of them when the opportunity arises. Travelling to exotic destinations and experiencing a new culture is good; in fact, it’s out of this world. Of course, there are cons as well as pros, the main one being health. Anytime a foreigner lands in a new country, the hazards to well-being are massive. And, that’s without including a never-heard-of-before disease. No, common issues often turn a dream into a nightmare, and here are the ones to watch out for on your next trip.

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When the weather is good, it’s nice to hit the beach and top up on the tan. After all, we all need to make hay while the sun shines. The problem is the intensity of the burning ball of flames in the sky. At home, you may be able to wander around without any cream or lotion on your body because your skin is used to the heat. Abroad, the UV rays may be stronger and burn the skin as a result. Even a relatively small patch of red is enough to stop you from lazing by the pool or splashing in the sea. Please, use a high factor cream and top up during the day to avoid a nasty scold.


Sunstroke will ruin a holiday and that is a fact. Once it hits, you’ll be hugging the toilet wishing for death. It is that bad. Too much sunlight plays a part, yet the main culprit is not drinking enough fluids. Let’s rephrase that – “not drinking enough” water. There are bound to be beverages flying around, but you have to be sure to top up of the body’s H2O levels. A lack of the liquid will lead to headaches, migraines, and a host of bodily issues. If you do like a beer, try and have a glass of water too.

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Again, allergies have less of an impact at home because the body is familiar with pollen count. When it isn’t, you are and understand how to stop sneezing and watery eyes from destroying the day. Unfortunately, it isn’t something we think about on vacation. Do they even have hayfever in other countries? Yes, they do, and the pollen there can be more intense. The best bet is to take hayfever relief tablets along for the ride and pop them when necessary. Just check what type of drugs you’re allowed to bring into the country so you don’t get stopped at immigration.

Delhi Belly

Although the name suggests it’s based in India, in reality it’s a stomach bug. Indeed, bacterium or a virus may not be involved because water displacement can be a cause. So, while you have to drink plenty of H2O, don’t take any chances. Always buy drinking water from a shop or supermarket and make sure the seal is unbroken. Also, use spring water to brush your teeth to avoid ingesting any unwanted bacteria.

Have you suffered from these in the past? How do you fight back?

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