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 A Health-Boosting Holiday: Destinations To Consider

We’ve discussed before how important it can be to stay fit and healthy while traveling, but there’s another aspect of health that should be considered: is it possible to travel your way to better health, rather than just maintaining the health that you have?

It’s a tempting idea; a holiday that rejuvenates and improves you on a core level, and from which you return with more benefits than happy memories and a full Instagram feed. If you’re looking for a vacation that can give your health a boost, then you’re definitely going to want to consider these options…

Into the wilderness


It has long been known that being among nature has an incredibly positive impact on the human mind and body. If you decide to head out of the cities and into the wilderness for a vacation, you can look forward to a mental health boost, as well as improved lung health courtesy of the reduction in exposure to air pollution.

If you want to experience the true wilderness and all the health benefits it can offer, then consider the following:

  • The Australian outback

  • The Smoky Mountains region of the USA

  • A walking holiday in the Yukon, Canada

Spa and image improvements


Returning home from a vacation may feel like you’re a whole new version of yourself mentally, but why not make that physical too? Spa and image-improving vacations are a great choice, allowing you to combine an uptick in your mental health and physical appearance, while also having the chance to enjoy all the relaxation benefits a standard vacation offers you. Here are a few ideas to try…

  • Yaan Wellness in Mexico is considered one of the best spas in the world, and offers a range of treatments that will you won’t want to miss.

  • Malaysia is a vibrant, beautiful country with a range of clinics that offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, from botox to CLATUU fat freezing treatments.

  • For fans of eastern medicine, China and Hong Kong make for wonderful choices that allow you to indulge your passion and enjoy a health boost as a result.

Go cold


Most of us prefer to keep ourselves as warm as possible, but did you know there are numerous health benefits to being cold? While you want to ensure you enjoy the cold in a safe way, there’s no doubt that a holiday that includes a few shivers could give your health a huge boost! So where should you go?

  • The USA, Canada, and Russia are all excellent options for cold-weather holidays, providing you choose the right region

  • Iceland is a stunning country that embraces year-round low temperatures and offers a truly unique experience to any traveler

  • If you’d prefer a southern hemisphere option, then New Zealand in winter is your best bet

In conclusion

Should you decide to sample one of the options above, you can look forward to a vacation that also improves your health and appearance even when you’re back on home soil. Enjoy!

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