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Reasons Why You Should Add Philadelphia To Your Next Road Trip

There are many wonderful places around the world that you can visit and take in all of the culture, see all of the attractions, and also generally be able to tick off yet another place on your list of places visited. When planning a road trip it can be difficult to decide where to go, as there are over 4000 cities in the world to choose from. Many people shy away from visiting larger cities as they are often crowded with the locals bustling about with their daily lives alongside all of the other tourists that want to get in on a piece of the action. However, larger cities often have more to offer if you’re looking for things to do and today, we’re going to give you the top reasons to add Philadelphia to your next road trip.

The Liberty Bell

If you’re visiting Philadelphia, then it’s almost a crime to not stop by the liberty bell because it’s an iconic symbol of american independence, and it was rang in it’s time for many reasons including some iconic American deaths like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. You can learn more about its history and why it’s so important to Americans. Philadelphia wears it with pride and it’s definitely a must-see, even if passing through!

Reading Terminal Market

If you’re someone to appreciates good food and is always looking to try something new, then the Reading terminal market is definitely a place for you to visit. Exotic seafood and incredible meats are sold at the market, so you’re bound to find something amazing to whip up for dinner. If somehow the food on sale doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are also other stalls available selling kitchenware and other exciting things for you to get your teeth into.

The Magic Gardens

For the art lovers out there, the magic gardens are for you. It’s an extensive and breathtaking gallery of folk art that extends from their halls indoors right outside and goes on for what seems like forever. It’s mosaics galore too, but rather than just a normal mosaic you will find a plethora of displays made out of items that you’d not normally expect to see in a mosaic such as old gardening equipment and wheels. If you’re looking for somewhere to go that you can take some snaps to look back on, the magic gardens are most definitely for you. Another great part of it is that it’s a non profit organisation, so everything that’s there has been put there with absolute love and care.

The Love Park

Formerly known as the John F Kennedy Plaza, Love park is a place to go and simply chill out and appreciate the more simple things like watching other people bustling by, seeing adolescents skateboard through the park, and also admire the LOVE sculpture that’s standing proudly in the middle. This year Love park is in fact, reopening after a massive budget input and revamp, so it’s definitely a place to go and truly experience the joys of Philadelphia!

The Best Cheese Steak Around

If you’re one of those that loves to go out for a good steak, and you love cheese, then boos philly cheesesteak is most definitely a place you need to try out as they offer you tender and juicy steaks to devour, served with white fluffy bread, grilled onions, and cheese toppings to absolutely die for. Perfect to line your stomach for any nights out that you have planned!

Morris Arboretum

Nature lovers, there’s a place for you to visit too! The Morris Arboretum is a historic public garden that’s perfect for not only nature lovers, but children too! It teaches them many different things about cultivation and how to take care of plants at home. It also teaches people about how different the world would be if we had no plants on earth, and how people need plants and trees in their lives just to simply survive. Some of the species of plants that they have are absolutely breathtaking, so don’t forget to take your camera!

Boathouse Row

While Philadelphia is a popular city, visiting the quaint area that is boathouse row will take you back in time to a place where boating was a popular choice of transport. There are many social clubs and there are 15 boathouses in general to admire. Each individual boathouse has its own special history, so if you’re visiting be sure to check out the history behind each of them.

Fashion District

For those that cannot be seen in anything but the latest trends, and love flicking through glossy magazines to see who wore what, the fashion district is going to be a mini heaven for you. Packed to the brim with stores that you can browse around, all stocking nothing but the latests trends. The fashion district is currently under construction, but it is open during so. Check their website for more information about when you can go and what else to expect!

Pub Crawl

Philadelphia offers some of the best drinking establishments throughout the whole of America, and you can book yourself onto a pub crawl which will teach you how each beverage has been brewed and give you a little bit of history. Plus, is there anything better than ending the perfect day with a few beers and a good time? I think not!

As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons for you to visit Philadelphia! The great thing is, many of these attractions are open all year round so there’s no time limit on when you need to be there! Just remember to take your camera and be prepared to fall in love with the city of Philadelphia.

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