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The Best Locations For A Sunny U.S. Vacation

Whether you’re from another country or you just don’t travel out of your state very often, there are so many wonderful destinations to see in the U.S. Maybe you’re an explorer, or maybe you’re more of a relax-on-the-beach type of traveler. Whatever the case, there’s a trip that suits everyone in this fascinating country. But there are certain spots that promise sun and spectacular sights throughout the year, so here are some of the best locations for a sunny U.S. vacation.

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We obviously had to start with California. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, but the sunshine and sweltering heat are only two reasons why this place is so fantastic. You should start with the vibrant and exciting city of Los Angeles. As pictured above, this city is famously the home of Hollywood. It’s an intriguing place to see outside of pictures and movies, but it’s definitely worth exploring. You should walk up Hollywood Hills to admire the city from a greater height; the Griffith Observatory is well worth visiting up there too. Of course, L.A. also offers the famous Venice Beach with its boardwalk stalls and impressive skaters. It’s a city that’s hard to summarize in one paragraph because there’s so much to see there.

San Francisco is another beautiful Californian city that you simply have to visit. Its iconic cable cars are a great way to travel around the city, and you should admire some of its classic Victorian architecture if you have the time. Make sure you see Alcatraz Island too. It’s a fascinating historical place, but it’s also stunning; colorful gardens are now grown on the island, and it’s developed its own intriguing ecosystem. Speaking of nature, you really need to see some of the incredible national parks in the state too. Yosemite Valley is particularly mesmerizing. You could stay in the Château Sureau if you’re looking for pleasant and peaceful accommodation. It’s nice to get away from the noise of the city to admire the natural beauty of California. But you can soak up some sunshine wherever you are in the state.

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Florida is the east coast’s answer to California, in many ways. It’s a beautiful state with sunny beaches, tropical trees, and stunning views. Whilst California has Disneyland, Florida has Disney World. Now, if you’re the type of tourist who loves theme parks and nostalgic throwbacks (whether you’re traveling with your family or even your friends in their twenties and thirties) then Florida probably beats California on this front. As you can see from the photograph above, Disney doesn’t hold back on the theatrics. It’s the perfect place to go if you want a fun vacation with a healthy dose of sunshine at the same time. There are other amazing things to do in the state, of course, but this is definitely the best place to start.


Texas is another great state to visit if you want sunshine and plenty of things to do. Being the biggest state in the U.S., it’d be hard to see every fantastic thing in the state during one vacation, but you should definitely visit the city of Houston. The Space Center is an incredible place to visit; it includes a huge collection of moon rocks and even a Saturn V rocket. It’s a very cool place for space fanatics. There are also plenty of incredible things to do in Dallas. The Sixth Floor Museum is a fascinating tribute to John Kennedy, and it contains many intriguing eyewitness accounts and photographs from the day he was shot. Six Flags is a great theme park that’s only a short drive away from the city too. Obviously, California and Florida both beat Texas in the amusement park department, but Six Flags is still a lot of fun.

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