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3 Awesome Travel Destinations For Fashionistas Who Love Animals

We (humankind that is) are not alone on this planet. We share it with a beautiful, expansive and fragile ecosystem made of plants and life forms so diverse and numerous that there’s a good chance we still haven’t discovered them all. Those of a fashion conscious disposition owe a great debt to the beauty and diversity of the natural world. We find inspiration in it all the time, from leafy patterns to animal print to sourcing our clothes from sustainably sourced natural materials. We are also increasingly aware of the impact our fashion has on the natural world and most of us vote for positive chance with our wallets. We eschew fur, suede and leather and opt instead for man made alternatives. We decry fast fashion for its environmental impact and look instead for more sustainable and less wasteful clothing choices. For those who love the natural world and the animals that live therein, there can be no better way to unwind to spend time with some of these glorious creatures from all over the world. Here are some excellent vacation choices for fashionistas who love animals…

Image by Pixabay

See leopards in Tanzania

It seems that fashion will never get over its on again off again affair with leopard print. Perhaps this is because people will never stop wanting to hint at their wild nature while also paying homage to these beautiful, graceful and savagely efficient predators. Yet those who love leopards and other big cats like tigers are often given cause for chagrin when faced with attractions that enable you to pet and interact with (obviously drugged) jungle cats. The only way to see these magnificent creatures without impinging on their lives is in their natural habitat. Check out to do exactly that. You’ll get to see these incredible cats in their habitat and on their own terms. Your contributions will also help to conserve and protect their habitat.

Walk with elephants in Thailand

Elephants are gentle giants whose wisdom and grace is all too apparent for those who see them up close and personal. Unfortunately, many of them have also been subject to enormous abuse at the hands of the logging and tourism industries. Fortunately, sanctuaries are popping up around the world where these hard working and often horribly abused creatures can live out their days in happiness and plenty. No longer will they have to carry heavy tourists on their backs or drag carts of logs up hills. Visit a place like Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and you’ll see just how much love, care and attention goes into giving these wonderful animals a safe haven. You’ll even be able to walk with them and feed them too.

See wild coyotes in Rocky Mountain National Park

North America is also home to numerous wonderful indigenous species and many breathtakingly scenic national parks. For our money, though, one of the best has to be Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Aside from the incredible topography this is one of the few places where you can see an abundance of the tragically misunderstood coyote. Walk the Coyote Valley Trail and you’ll learn a great deal more about these beautiful and fascinating canines.

Happy trails!

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