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Savannah: The Perfect Setting For Your Next City Break

One of the many gorgeous fountains in Savannah, Georgia. (Credit)

Georgia is home to plenty of delightful cities, but none come close to the serene beauty of Savannah. It’s one of the most underrated places in the US, with big names like NYC, Orlando, Boston, Seattle, and New Orleans all taking the limelight. If you asked someone to name the top ten places they’d like to visit in North America, it probably wouldn’t make their list.

However, this is because hardly anyone knows of the delights that Savannah brings to the table. It’s one of the best places you can go for a quick city break, with something interesting lurking around every corner. To prove this to you, here are some of Savannah’s best highlights:

The Food Is Exceptional

Even if you know nothing about Savannah, you can probably guess the food will be pretty amazing. It’s a Southern city, which means it brings all the best Southern cuisine to the party. There is an absurd amount of great food here; from homecooked fried chicken to strange treats like earl grey cookies; everything is covered. It’s somewhere for foodies to enjoy, and there’s somewhere great to eat for every meal of the day!

It’s An Affordable City

My biggest annoyance with traveling around the US is that so many of the ‘popular’ cities are way too expensive. They capitalize on all the popularity and ramp up prices across the board. Here, things are different. You can find a hotel near Savannah, Georgia for a lot less than you’d probably expect. It’s affordable to stay in this city for a few days – and you can stay in a nice hotel while you’re at it! Food and drink are also very cheap, it’s a great place to go if you want to have fun without worrying about how much you’ll spend.

There’s So Much Beauty

It always helps when you go somewhere that looks beautiful. Partly because it means you can get some great photos for your Instagram page, but mainly because it just puts a smile on your face when you walk around and see so much beauty staring back at you. Savannah has some awesome architecture that will blow you away, along with a selection of gorgeous squares filled with trees, green grass, and stunning statues. There’s no shortage of natural or man-made beauty here, and you’ll love it.

The People Are Friendly

Who wants to travel somewhere and be met with sourfaced locals? Not me! Thankfully, you don’t have this problem in Savannah, as you’re made to feel welcome the moment you arrive. There’s the classic Southern friendliness in the locals, they’re always happy to help point you in the right direction, or suggest somewhere to eat. It makes a massive difference to your overall experience when you’re surrounded by happy and helpful people.

I’m fairly confident most of you had never considered Savannah as a city break destination before today. I’m also optimistic that it will now be firmly in your thoughts! It’s a city with so much to offer, and these were just a few of the many highlights!

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