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Tips on Planning the Perfect Camping Trip With Friends

The summer is a great time to go camping with friends. However, many details need to be considered before you start packing your bags and pitching your tent. This blog post will provide tips on how to plan the perfect trip. We’ll cover topics such as where to camp, what gear you will need, food ideas for camping trips, and more!

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1 Find the perfect camping spot 

You want to find a close enough place for everyone in your group to drive but far away from civilization. This way you avoid any unnecessary noise and traffic as well as guarantee the safety of your campsite. You should also look into local laws about where it’s legal or not to pitch a tent, so you don’t break any rules! Camping spots can be found on many different websites such as,, In addition, there are state parks all across America that often provide access to water activities like kayaking and fishing! Many people choose camping over hotels because they offer more privacy than staying at an inn with strangers nearby.

2 Notify everyone ahead of time 

Once you’ve picked a spot, send out an email to everyone in your group with the location of where you will be camping. Include any other important information, such as directions on how to get there and what time all of you should arrive (usually about one day ahead). This way nobody is left behind and no one gets lost trying to find each other! You can also include some fun activities for people who may not know each other yet, like trivia games or campfire songs. You can also set up a Facebook group where everyone can communicate and share their excitement for the camping trip.

3 Remember all your camping gear  

Everyone should bring their tent, sleeping bag, water bottles, flashlights with batteries, and anything else they might need to make the trip comfortable. So ensure you visit EcoGear FX to stock up on all the essential camping gear. It is also common for people to share tents so you can always ask your friends if anyone needs an extra one! Food wise: think about what kinds of food everyone eats (vegetarians and gluten-free diets) and account for enough servings in total (meals per person). Make sure you plan out where each item will be stored, too, like which bags hold trash or towels.

4 Remember the bugs 

There are many bugs and insects in the woods, like mosquitoes, spiders, and ticks. Ensure everyone brings bug spray (DEET-based) to keep them away from your campsite, especially while cooking or eating outside! It would be best to think about bringing extra towels along since they will get dirty after a day out on the trails. It’s good to have some lanterns for reading at night, too, instead of using flashlights all the time.

A camp trip can be an excellent experience for everyone involved as long as you plan it out well. Planning the perfect camping trip with friends will ensure that your group has fun and nobody gets lost or left behind!

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Top 7 Simple Ways to Feel at Home While Traveling

If you’re a digital nomad or planning on being one soon, it’s easy to feel homesick when you’re on the road. You miss your food, family, pets, and friends, all of which are familiar elements that have been around for years.

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However, there’s a surprising number of things that you can start doing right this moment to help you feel at home while traveling.

Here are seven simple steps you can take to do just that:

Make a Home-like Environment 

One of the essential parts of a home is the environment. Wherever you go, make sure you have a comfortable, relaxing place to sleep and a comfy chair for reading or watching TV. It will help create an environment where you feel at home and lessens your urge to run off when the hostel does not have Wi-Fi.

Try New Habits 

Many travelers find that they start missing their habits when they’re traveling long term. Try to make some new ones, or at least maintain some old ones. One example is trying to make it a habit to use the same toothpaste and deodorant in each place you visit.

Make a Habit of Buying Local

A lot of travelers find that they become homesick when they stop buying their favorite products from home. For example, if you’re a wine drinker, try drinking local wine while traveling. Or try cooking your favorite meal a few times a week while you’re away.

Create a Backup Plan

It would help if you had a backup plan for your trip. Make sure you have a couple of different options if things start to get difficult somewhere along the line. If you’re going on a long journey, you will undoubtedly experience some homesickness at some point. Having a backup plan will help your mental well-being and help you continue with your adventure.

Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

A big part of feeling homesick is simply missing friends and family. Try to keep in touch with them as much as possible, either through phone calls, email, blog posts, or whatever else you can think of. It will help tremendously to talk to loved ones who understand where you are and what you’re going through.

Do Something for Someone Else

Mentally, it’s essential to help someone else when you’re feeling homesick. It will make you feel fulfilled and help out a local person while boosting your mood. If you can’t do anything charitable, try going out to dinner with a friend or taking a day trip somewhere fun.

Bring with you Pictures of your Family

Bring pictures of your family or friends with you on your travels. Keep them in your wallet, your passport, and elsewhere so you can look at them when you’re homesick. This is a great way to help fight homesickness.

Summing Up

Traveling is one of the most rewarding parts of life. If you’re struggling with homesickness, it will help immensely to do one of these simple things. They won’t take up much time, but they can make your time more fulfilling

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How To Get Yourself Prepared For Wilderness Hiking

When it comes to hiking out in the wild it is essential that you are prepared, especially should it be a multi-day hike you are doing. By preparing you can make sure that everything can go smoothly and should something arise you are ready for it. However it can be tough to know how to prepare when it comes to hiking out in the wilderness so hopefully, this guide can help you to get some ideas of how to prepare for your hiking experience.

Source: Pexels

Pick a trail you are going to hike

Most hiking areas no matter where you are going to travel will have trails that you can pick to hike on, each trail will usually vary in difficulty, length and elevation. It is important to research these aspects and pick the trail that best suits you, if you are a beginner then make sure you do not go for the toughest one etc. 

Try to get in shape for your hike

If you are doing a multi-day hike that is a big one, or maybe you are going abroad for it and doing it with friends, then getting in shape for it is a good idea. At the end of the day you want to enjoy your time out on the hike and if you are struggling to keep up or you are waking up stiff each day it can make it less enjoyable so try and give yourself time to get in shape for your hike.

Make sure to get the hiking essentials

When preparing for your hike you need to pack up the essentials that you will need, for example, if you are doing a multi-day trek then you will need an easy to carry tent, spare clothes, and food etc. if you’re just going for the day then you will only need the essentials like a drink, some snacks and a first aid kit. Essential for hiking is also the outfit too, you need some great walking shoes or boots to help make sure your feet stay comfy and you do not get blisters, you need great clothing for the season you are hiking in like North Michigan Clothes, having the right clothing will make sure you do not get cold and you stay well protected based on your environment.

Try to have a checklist for packing

You are likely to have a big hiking bag or a bag of some sort for hiking so having a checklist to make sure that you do not forget anything is important for your preparation. When it comes to preparing your list make sure you have one for the essentials you will need for every hike no matter length or difficulty. Then have a different list adapted to the different hikes you are doing as some things you need may vary, like staying overnight camping or the weather etc. This makes sure you can prepare no matter what hike you are looking to do.

If you are looking to take up wilderness hiking but you are unsure of the best way to prepare and plan for your hiking then these few tips should help you to understand how you can prepare your hiking experience and make sure things can go to plan and not get forgotten.

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The Best Places To Ride Your Snowmobile In The USA


Looking for the ultimate adventure vacation? There’s no better way to let off some steam than to tear it up on a snowmobile. The USA has plenty of fabulous locations for a snowmobiling adventure. To get inspired, check out five of the best places to ride your snowmobile.

1 . Priest Lake, Idaho

Idaho is well known as a beautiful location, and the Priest Lake is one of the most popular places for winter sports. Here you’ll find more than 400 miles of trails, winding through the epic landscapes of the forest. There are a range of trail elevations here, you can find deep forests that rise 2,000 feet above the sea, or trails through the mountains that get up to 7,000 feet.

At Priest Lake, you’ll find cabin rentals, RV parks, and plenty of spots to pitch up a tent. If you’re new to snowmobiling you can take a tour which will teach you the basics, and show you the most beautiful spots in the park.

2. Old Forge, New York

From the Old Forge, you can access a 10,000-mile trail that stretches across upstate New York. The trail sits just beside the Tug Hill Plateau, this spot has an excellent reputation, and there are even some famous snowmobiling events that run here. One of these occasions is the yearly Snodeo, where you can see talented snowmobilers compete in an epic event. 

There are several accommodation options to choose here, including Adirondack Lodge Old Forge, Beaver River Lodge, and Big Moose Inn. There are also a few luxury lodges up here if you’re planning a luxury vacation. Whether you’re travelling in Sandiego or exploring New York, there are so many beautiful and luxurious places to visit in the USA.

3. Chugach National Forest, Alaska

Chugach National Forest offers an amazing snowmobiling experience, this wilderness is set along the southern coast. Snowmobilers can access guided tours or brave the trails alone. There’s a popular snowmobiling club close by called the Anchorage Snowmobile Club. This organization is well known for hosting many snowmobiling events for the community.

4. Katahdin Region, Maine

In the Katahdin Region, you’ll find the Appalachian Trail, a famous place amongst the snowmobiling community. Up here you can enjoy breath-taking views of Mount Katahdin, and explore Baxter State Park. Katahdin is a popular destination with backcountry snowmobilers. You’ll find some great lodges to stay in here, and you’ll likely catch a glimpse of the Maine moose!

5. West Yellowstone, Montana

West Yellowstone is a wonderful place to explore with your snowmobile, in the winter you’ll get to experience the sight of huge trees that are totally buried in the snow. You can take guided tours here, or choose to do your own thing. Up here you’ll get to see Old Faithful, it’s a cone geyser that erupts during the wintertime, (which is certainly a sight to see)!

At all of these locations, you can rent snowmobiles and take a tour. If you’re a regular snowmobiler, and you enjoy exploring remote trails, you might prefer to purchase your own vehicle. If you’re in the market for a new snowmobile, check out polaris snowmobiles for sale near me. The Polaris brand has a fantastic reputation for producing top-quality snowmobiles.

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How to Plan a Vacation With a Difference

Image Pexels CC0 License

After many months without being able to travel, many people feel desperate to get back out into the world and visit new places. If you feel the same way, you may be desperate to make your next vacation one to remember. While planning an exciting trip may be something you have been dreaming about, making this a reality can be a little challenging. You may be concerned that your vacation won’t live up to your expectations, or you may be entirely stuck for ideas and unsure where to go and what to do. If you need a little inspiration to help make your next vacation your best ever, then why not consider some of these ideas:

Chill Out at a Retreat

If you feel ready to re-discover your sense of vitality and wellbeing, you may want to make your long-awaited vacation a relaxing getaway. Booking a trip to a wellness retreat is the perfect opportunity to escape from the stresses of modern life and to come back revitalized and ready for a fresh start. Enjoying a couple of weeks of delicious and nutritious food, massages, and time away from screens and cell phones can make for a welcome break and the chance to reconnect with yourself and reassess your priorities.

Get Active

Have you missed being active and experiencing the thrill of trying new activities? If so, an active holiday is an excellent choice. If you have a sport that you absolutely love, you may want to book a vacation centered around this to fully engage in your favorite activity. From scuba diving to golfing holidays, there are tons of sporting holidays to choose from located right around the world. If you are concerned about all the best resorts being overcrowded now people can travel, you may want to carry out some research to find the best destinations that won’t be packed with tourists so you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Go on an Adventure

If you are bursting to get back out into the world and live life to the full, why not plan an adventurous trip? If you have somewhere you always wanted to visit, now could be the time for your vacation of a lifetime. Or if you have always wanted to head off on a road trip and get away from it all, you could give this a try instead. Heading off on an adventure is an excellent way to regain a sense of freedom after spending so much time at home.

Learn a New Skill

Taking a vacation that involves learning a new skill is a perfect opportunity to discover a new hobby while having a great time. There are lots of resorts that offer vacations tailored to meet different interests and to hone your skills. Whether you want to travel to an idyllic setting to learn to paint watercolor pictures, or you fancy visiting an exclusive resort to learn how to cook like a pro, you will find a vacation that matches your tastes.

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What to Do If You Become Stranded

Have you ever considered how you would react if you were unexpectedly stranded in a remote location? You may believe that it will never happen to you, but you never know what will happen in the future, so it is best to be prepared for such an occurrence. Our guide on what to do if you find yourself stranded has been put together for those who don’t know what to do when they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment.

Keep a means of contact available

When you’re out in the wilderness, the last thing you want to do is spend all of your time staring at your phone. It’s also likely that you don’t want to take the phone that cost you a lot of money on a trip where it might get damaged. Why not invest in a low-cost mobile phone for emergencies? Even if you can’t get a signal to call a family member or friend, you can always call emergency services regardless of whether you have a signal with your network.

Keep yourself warm and dry

If it seems that you will be stranded for an extended period of time, it is essential that you continue to stay warm and dry for the duration of your wait. Being wet and then cold can result in illness or even hypothermia. Start a fire to keep warm and dry if necessary. Where possible, stay close to your Ute Van Hire for shelter and warmth. If you’ve found yourself completely lost, find trees, caves, or anything else you can use to hide beneath until you can be rescued.

Drink little and often

If you’re stranded and only have a limited supply of clean water, it’s critical that you use it wisely. Drinking a lot in one sitting causes water to pass through your body faster, causing you to dehydrate faster. Drinking a small amount on a regular basis will keep you hydrated long enough to be rescued. It might be worthwhile to research how to filter rainwater to make it safe to drink.

Keep a flare or two on you at all times

Those who know their way around will always have flares in their pockets. Flares take up little space in your backpack and can completely save your life. Flares look a lot like fireworks to those who don’t know what they are. You fire them into the air, and they are visible for miles around, alerting people nearby that someone is in danger. Carry flares; you’ll be glad you did.

Some essentials to stock up on

Finally, while you didn’t arrange towards becoming stranded, being prepared with what’s in your backpack will make the situation much easier. Here is a list of the necessities:

  • A comprehensive first-aid kit. Getting stranded frequently indicates that you’ve been in an accident. To avoid infection, you should be able to patch yourself up and cover any open wounds.
  • To keep your energy levels up, eat dry and canned foods.
  • When the temperature drops, a blanket or cover will come in handy to keep you warm.
  • A weapon of defence, such as a knife, in case a wild animal attacks you.

Remember that the best way to ensure your safety is to always travel with someone so that you can assist one another along the way.

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Choose Your Own Blogventure

It’s been awhile since I last posted a personal blog update… Nearly a year! Yet despite a global pandemic, that didn’t crush my adventurous spirit. It just changed some things about my life… a lot!

I wanted to update everyone who lands here on what I’ve gotten to do over the past year. At the end, YOU will get to decide which of my adventures I’ll blog about next!


About one year and one week ago, I moved to the Kansas City area after a short stint in Colorado Springs. I ended up spending four months working at a camp on the Missouri side, using my days off to explore downtown KC and take day trips to the Ozarks, Silver Dollar City, and Marceline (the boyhood home of Walt Disney).

South Road Trip

Exactly one year ago, I was planning a work-sponsored trip that was completely unrelated to work, other than the fact that I would be road tripping with two of my coworkers. But since we were going on our workplace’s dime, we drove down to Joplin to see a waterfall, and then saw some real waterfalls crossing into Arkansas. From there, we saw the original Walmart, camped at Beaver Lake, drove by the Duggar’s big house (and they drove by us in their van!), visited Cathedral of the Ozarks, then drove into Oklahoma where we stayed at an amusement-park-turned-summer-camp and visited The Gathering Place in Tulsa.

More Road Trips

I left Kansas City due to a job offer in San Diego. I split that move into two road trips: First a Christmas road trip along Route 66, into Texas and New Mexico for the first time, where I spray painted in freezing weather at Cadillac Ranch, saw the Grand Canyon, and experienced all that Vegas had to offer even in a pandemic. I spent a few weeks for Christmas with my parents in Oregon, then drove down the coast to the great San Diego area.

Surrounding San Diego

Since then, I’ve been exploring America’s finest city… and beyond. Besides hiking trips outside the urban area and day trips to places like the Padres game, Old Town, Seaworld, and the beaches, I’ve gone further with an overnight trip to California Adventure, hiking in San Clemente, camping in the desert, and even solo tripping to Mexico a few times!

The Why and How Behind this Travel

Although I’ve been working at the same place since January, my job has changed since then. I’m working at a conference center and am now long-term instead of my original temporary plans. As program manager, summer camps were extra hectic, and now I’m looking forward to a season of administering the outdoor science school, among other responsibilities.

Now that you’ve read all this, what do you want to hear more about? Do you want to learn how a single woman can feel safe crossing the southern border alone? Or how Disney’s home in Missouri relates to his legacy resort in California? You could be wondering why a non-fangirl visits so many celebrity homes. Maybe you need a bucket list for a city you’re visiting… would that be for Colorado Springs, Kansas City, or San Diego?

What will my next post be? Tell me in the comments!

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Creating an Unforgettable Trip to The Bahamas

Located between Florida and Cuba, the Bahamas is undoubtedly one of the best island places to visit. The beautiful island nation offers everything from pristine beaches and interesting wildlife to delicious local cuisine and a strong history. When you’re thinking of where to go on your next trip, the Bahamas could definitely be a contender. The archipelago has around 700 islands with some incredible coral reefs, and its locals are known to be friendly and welcoming. There are so many options if you’re looking for things to do, and with tourism season running from around December to April, it’s also perfect if you want to escape the cold further north.

See the Marine Life

If you’re visiting a country made up of hundreds of islands, you can’t leave without checking out what the ocean has to offer. Like any island nation, the sea plays an important part in life in the Bahamas. If you want to enjoy the beautiful waters, going swimming or snorkeling is the perfect way to do it. You can even take a trip with a miniature submarine that allows you to see all of the marine wildlife and keep breathing underwater.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Relax on the Beaches

Even if you don’t get into the water, sitting by the shore can be a worthwhile way to spend your time in the Bahamas too. The pristine beaches are fantastic if you’re looking for somewhere to relax. You might even love it so much that you’ll be looking into buying an Ocean Club Estates property so you can come back as often as you like. You can find plenty of beaches to try out, some of which are more popular than others. Consider some beach-adjacent activities too, from sports to eating.

Explore Some Fascinating History

You’re sure to find some interesting history during your time in the Bahamas. You can head straight for a museum to start taking it all in, or you can explore different locations on the islands that are full of rich history. From the forts at Nassau to Clifton Heritage Park, you can learn about everything from Bahamian people to the country’s colonial history. There are lots of ways to explore the history of the Bahamas and learn some fascinating things.

Shop in Vibrant Markets

For anyone who loves shopping, the Bahamas offers some colorful, exciting marketplaces. There’s the Nassau Straw Market, which is a great place to pick up some souvenirs from your trip. Or you might take a trip to the Port Lucaya Marketplace on Grand Bahama, where you can find not just more than 40 stores but also live entertainment, bars, and straw and craft markets.

Enjoy the Local Food

You can’t go to the Bahamas without trying the local cuisine. There are some great places to find authentic Bahamian food, including Arawak Cay in Nassau. A food tour is an excellent way of exploring what the country has to offer.

Make your trip to the Bahamas one that you’ll never forget by planning a varied stay with lots of activities.

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Group Travel: What Are The Biggest Pros and Cons?

Image Credit (CC0 License)

Group travel is the idea of traveling somewhere with a group of people. You all set off together, you plan an itinerary together, and you return home as a group. Typically, you classify something as group travel when three or more people are going somewhere together. If you travel alone, this is solo travel, while traveling with someone else is more couples traveling or traveling as a pair. 

Having read all of that, why would you consider traveling somewhere as a group? Is it beneficial when compared to other travel models? A lot of friends and groups go away together all the time, and they say it’s the best thing ever. But, you also get people that say group travel is not worth it. So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of going away in a group?

Advantage: Safety in numbers

Travel safety is always at the forefront of your mind when going to a different country. Your family will be worried about you, as will everyone else that cares for you. Traveling alone or in a pair can be more dangerous than traveling in a group. When you have lots of people with you at all times, there’s less chance of something bad happening. In most stories where something awful happens, the traveler is on their own. To put it simply; you have safety in numbers when traveling as a group!

Advantage: More laughs

The more people you have around you, the more laughs you can have together. Life is always more enjoyable when you’re in a group. You can make yourself laugh, and traveling with someone else will be a barrel of laughs, but having a group around you just amplifies things. There’s always a possibility of someone doing something embarrassing or having a funny story to tell. It’s simply impossible to go on holiday with a group and not spend most of your time wheezing with laughter. 

Advantage: Lots of themed vacations available

Group travel can be planned by one or two people, deciding what you all do together as a group. You can go off-piste and plan a trip around an area or to a specific city. However, a big advantage of group travel is that there are lots of themed vacations available. Companies like MTI Events will have offerings for things like golf vacations, theme park trips, and so on. Essentially, you and your group of friends/family can all go on a trip to do something specific. Again, you could do this alone or with another person, but most themed vacations make more sense when done in groups. 

Advantage: Great for weddings

Another item in the pros column is that group travel is perfect for weddings. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you can go abroad with a group of people to enjoy your special day with them. It means everyone is on the plane together, you stay in the same place, and it creates a unique and lively atmosphere. 

Disadvantage: Hard to plan

Planning your group travel can be significantly harder than planning one alone. Granted, you can find companies that will plan it for you, but this means paying extra for a service you don’t technically need. The problem with group travel planning is that you have to account for so many different people. Imagine you’re going away in a group of 10 people, you now need to find somewhere for 10 people to stay, a flight with 10 spare seats, transport for 10 people, and so on. When you go out, you have to find somewhere to eat and drink that all 10 people will like. You also need to rely on the 9 other people to be responsible and get everything in order for the trip. Will everyone remember passports and travel documents?! As a solo traveler, you only have yourself to worry about. Traveler in a pair means one other person, which isn’t nearly as challenging to plan. 

Disadvantage: More arguments

While you do have more fun with a group, there’s also the possibility of more arguments. This is more likely to happen when you travel with your family, but it can happen with friends as well. It was mentioned above that you have a whole group of people to organize things with. Therefore, it stands to reason that some members of the group will prefer doing some things than others. You can get in situations where minor squabbles occur between people in the group as you can’t decide on what to do. Also, being around the same people for an extended period can be challenging, so arguments are only likely to occur!

Disadvantage: Sometimes more expensive

In some cases, group travel can be more expensive than traveling alone. This doesn’t seem like it makes sense as you could theoretically split the cost of things between a group of people. However, the fact you have to travel with numerous people means that you are restricted in your options. For instance, imagine you’re traveling with over 10 people, you need to find a flight with at least 10 seats free. The cheapest options might not have that many seats available, so you end up paying more to accommodate everyone. The same goes for staying in places; will the most affordable options cater to your group’s needs? A lot of the time you are forced to pay more to find places that will suit everyone’s requirements and accommodate the entire group. 

After weighing everything up, you can see that group travel isn’t for everyone. Some of you might not like the disadvantages, while others may think the pros greatly outweigh the cons. One key thing to note is that a lot depends on the group you’re traveling with and the size of your group. For instance, a group of 3 probably won’t see some of the disadvantages we’ve mentioned, or they won’t be as substantial as a group of 15 or more. Still, if you’re interested in a different way of traveling – rather than going at it alone – this could be something to think about trying. 

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Here’s How To Ensure Your Road Trip Sets Off Without A Hitch

Are you thinking about planning a road trip for you and your family this year? It can be great fun to get out on the open road with the kids in tow. But you do need to make sure that you are planning a trip like this the right way. There are a lot of speed bumps you can hit on a journey like this. Let’s explore some of the best ways to dodge them completely. 

Pexels Source CCO License

Obey The Law

It can be more difficult than people realize to stick to the laws of the road. This is particularly true if you have kids in the car. They can distract you from spotting a key change to the speed limit and before you know it, you’ll see red white and blue lights flashing in your mirror. Now, you can fight traffic tickets with the right solution, but you probably want to avoid them altogether on your road trip. The best way to do this is to take full advantage of the cruise control if your car has it. If it doesn’t then set up your Sat Nav so you can clearly see the speed limits of the roads that you are traveling on. 

Crucial Car Checks

One of the easiest ways to ruin a great road trip is to end up needing a tow truck. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you do complete the right car checks before you set off. The first is the tyres. You should look at the tread and make sure that they have the right pressure. You’ll find the right pressure printed on the inside of the door of the vehicle. You can check if a tire has good pressure simply by kicking it but you might want to invest in a pressure gauge for a more accurate reading. 

After the tyres, it’s important to look at the brakes. There are a few key signs that your brakes have seen better days. If they are squeaking, then it’s worth arranging a trip to the mechanic before you commence your road trip. 

Keep The Kids Entertained

Road trips can be quite long and you might be planning to be on the road for a few hours. If so, then you need to ensure that you are keeping the kids entertained. You can do this by investing in an accessory so that a tablet or iPad can be attached and secured firmly to the back of your seat. If you do this, make sure that it’s not going to move around, because this can make a child feel car sick and that’s going to lead to a lot of stops. Alternatively, just pack some pillows and ensure they are comfortable enough to have a nap on the long journey. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that you can avoid a few of the common disasters that families can face on their first road trip. If you take the right measures here, then you’ll get to your first destination without any issues and you’ll be able to continue from there.