Happy 5th Birthday, Blog!

On this day exactly five years ago, was birthed into the internet.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize this until my domain registration was processed for another year today. But I still think it’s a cause to celebrate!

Although today was spent in my hometown (but planning for future trips of course!) I want to celebrate by sharing what I’ve done on September 24th in years past. I also will share some of my traveling birthday celebrations, and top posts from this website.

On This Day

My Facebook memories helped me remember the fun that was had on this day in 2015 and 2016.

Enjoying the local baked goods in downtown Athens

Athens, Greece: Besides weekend trips and the like, my first big trip documented on this blog was 92 days trekking the Mediterranean. It ran from July to October, 2015. On September 24th, 2015, I was in Athens. I loved exploring this city on foot and passing by ancient artifacts on the roadside. At the time I didn’t realize I was celebrating my blog’s first birthday, but what a way to celebrate!


Lava Beds National Monument: A year later, I took a day trip to Lava Beds, which is probably my most-visited national monument. It’s in California, but just south of the Oregon border, about a two-hour drive from my home. I love exploring the caves. I try to visit several each visit, especially those on the Cave Loop behind the visitor’s center. I was actually working that day as a nanny. It was sure a fun way to work! I was celebrating National Public Lands Day, and unintentionally also celebrating another blog birthday! (Note: National Public Lands Day allows free entrance in all US National Parks. Make sure to check it out this year- it’s September 28th in 2019.)

Lava Beds
Inside a lava tube at Lava Beds National Monument

My Top 5 Traveling Birthdays

My birthday is in May, which is a great time of year to travel. School isn’t out yet, but the weather is usually great (and not quite as hot as summertime).

Crossing Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge on my birthday

Dublin, Ireland: My most recent birthday didn’t start out quite as planned. I was supposed to arrive in Dublin the day before so I could have a full day of celebrating in Ireland’s capital city. However, since I had a delayed flight and a missed connection back at Chicago’s airport, I didn’t arrive until that morning. (Due to the time change, I missed several hours of my birthday. So I joke that I’m not as old as I actually am since I didn’t get a full 24-hour birthday.) It was still a lot of fun with a walking tour of the city and a visit to the Book of Kells at Trinity College. Overall, it was fun and I hope to look forward to spending more birthdays in Europe.

Notice I’m wearing a birthday badge in Epcot, Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World: I’ve been privileged to spend FOUR of my birthdays on family trips to Walt Disney World. Ages 8, 12, 18, and 22 were rung in at the most magical place on Earth. Any day at these parks are better than a birthday at home, but when you wear your free birthday badge around the park, you can be surprised with a little extra treatment. One was especially special because that year, Disney gave me a $75 gift card to celebrate. It was great that my birthday was a good season to go to Disney World. I think that my birthday is now part of high season for Disney World (as well as the Epcot International Flower and Garden Fair), but any day at any Disney park is a celebration!

Birthday 160

Hot Air Ballooning: Sometimes you don’t have to leave town to travel like never before. My 24th birthday went to new heights as I rode a hot air balloon over Central Point, Oregon. I learned new traditions (you wouldn’t believe what first-time ballooners have to do after their flight!) and even got a turn at being the pilot.

Riding a highline unicycle at Cosi in Columbus, Ohio, for my 23rd birthday

Columbus, Ohio: I had a fun weekend bicycle trip for my 23rd birthday. I stayed in The Wayfaring Buckeye Hostel, and spent the rest of the time seeing the city by cycle. I went to a topiary garden, a German village, a bookshop, the world’s largest gavel, the birthplace of Wendy’s fast food, and some delicious restaurants in one day. I even happened to find a cycling fair at a park! But the big attraction was the science museum, Cosi. I spent several hours there, and a minute of that was spent cycling in a different way, above the first floor!


Skydiving: Hot air ballooning and riding a unicycle on a tightrope weren’t the only ways I’ve had high adventure on my birthday. Two years ago, I celebrated my birthday with a skydive. The closest airport with skydiving is in Creswell, near Eugene. I made a weekend out of it with a visit into Eugene for restaurants and an IMAX movie, contrasted by a stay in a country cabin.

Blog Favorites

To end the birthday fun, here are the most-visited highlights of this blog over the years:

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2015: What’s Your Go-To Travel Gear? 

2016: Hostelling International: Is It Worth the Membership? (this is still the #1 blog post today!)

2017: Fall Foto Fun

2018: How to Vacation in Maui on the Cheap

2019: Travel Tips for Thessaloniki


Question of the Day: How do you like to celebrate a birthday, whether for a person or a website? Share in the comments below!


Four Corners, Things to Do

Where are Your Four Corners of the World?

I think this is a fun icebreaker to do with adventurous people. Unless you’re a flat earther, we’ve been confident for hundreds of years that the world is round. Yet the phrase “four corners of the Earth” still gets used. But those four corners are different for everyone. So what are your four corners?

In the comments, tell us the farthest you’ve traveled North, South, East, and West. It’s okay if the don’t all sound impressive. Up until a few months ago, the furthest north I’d traveled was Seattle, Washington. That’s just one state away from me! I had been to Canada, but the part I went to (Niagara Falls) was still further south than Seattle. Remember that this isn’t a competition. It’s just an opportunity to get to know about other people’s adventures and maybe get some inspiration for your next trip!

Here are my four corners of the world:

North: Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway
Sitting on the Giant’s Boot at Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

South: Peru

Posada de Amor
Enjoying a Peruvian meal in Cieneguilla

East: Turkey

Istanbul Europe Asia Divide
Waiting to board a boat from the European to Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey

West: Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii
On my way hiking up to Iao Valley, Maui

What four corners of the world have YOU traveled to? Drop a comment so we can all get to know each other better.

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What are your four corners of the world?