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Wimer Covered Bridge

Location: Wimer, Oregon (Can’t find it on a map? It’s a small unincorporated community 8 miles north of Rogue River in Southern Oregon, off the I-5.)

Length:  85 feet. Virtually everyone can do this!


Foot Traffic

I was surprised at how many people were milling around the Wimer Covered Bridge. They all seemed to be locals though, more interested in congregating at the nearby market than looking at this bridge they see every day. Several people drove through the Covered Bridge while I was taking pictures, but as it is part of a normal road, it just might have been on their way home from work.

The child in the backseat of my car fell asleep during our calming country rise there and refused to wake up, so I had to say within a line of sight from my car. We also took this little adventure just to kill an hour, so we wouldn’t have had time to walk nearby paths even if he was awake. But there were plenty of nature stops on our way there and back that sure looked interesting!


Foot Feelings

The Wimer Covered Bridge isn’t the actual Wimer Covered Bridge. While it may look like an old fashioned structure, it’s actually less than a decade old! This bridge is a stronger replica of the one that collapsed in 2003. That one had been around since the early 1900s.

While it’s no longer on the National Register of Historic Places, the Wimer Covered Bridge is interesting in the fact that the community felt the need to rebuild. It’s also pretty exhilarating to cross. Traffic  comes from both directions, yet the bridge is only wide enough for one car!


Travel Tips

-This is really just a side stop for people traveling the I-5 area of Southern Oregon. To fill the rest of the day, check out things to do in Grants Pass, Rogue River, Gold Hill, or Medford.

-There are three other covered bridges in Jackson County . I’ve been to McKee and Antelope Creek. I guess that means I only have one left to go!


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