3 Important Travel Lessons We Learned from Harry Potter

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There are many reasons why the Harry Potter series has resonated so strongly with fans. Since the first book was published in 1997 who could have foreseen that it would spawn 6 sequels and become revivified by a series of blockbuster films, a sell out West End play and a major tourist attraction just outside of London? There’s no denying that Harry and his world are a cultural phenomenon… But why do we love it so much? Perhaps it’s because it presents us with a painfully accurate depiction of our adolescence, glossed over with a little fairy dust and early 20th century anachronisms? Maybe it’s because it riffs on myths and legends that are part of our unconscious pop culture psyche? Or perhaps it’s because the stories help us to become better people. There are some potent life lessons to be learned from the world of Harry Potter that intrepid wanderers can take with them on their travels, including…

People are not always what they seem

A lot of stories aimed at children deal in fairly two dimensional characters based on mythic archetypes. Hence, the good guys look like bad guys and the bad guys wear their villainy very much on their sleeve. When we travel, it’s all too tempting to be wary of new and unfamiliar people locales and customers, but the saga teaches us the value of taking a closer look. It shows us that when we scratch the surface, we can often find a person to be very different to their outward appearances. Take Scabbers, the cuddly little rat who is later revealed to be the treacherous Peter Pettigrew or the jittery and unassuming Professor Quirrell who turns out to have been osmosed by Voldemort. Of course, there’s no better embodiment of this than Professor Snape who, despite having been depicted as a sneering villain is revealed to have made a series of brave sacrifices to protect Harry out of love for his mother, Lilly. When so much is new and strange, a traveller can see monsters lurking in every corner, but a little understanding can reveal that things are rarely as scary as they appear.

Home isn’t necessarily where you grew up

Harry Potter spent his formative years in an unloving home where he was made to feel unwanted, unloved and like a huge inconvenience. Tragically, this is the reality that millions of real children experience around the world. These stories show them that things do get better and that in time they’ll find a place where they belong. Of course, this applies to adults, too! A big part of why many of us travel is to feel a sense of belonging that we just don’t get at home. A lot of people who put down roots after vacationing abroad just feel that sense of belonging when they find the right place, just like Harry did at Hogwarts. Take yourself to Viaja Compara Vuelo and find your next holiday destination.  You may just find your new home on your next vacation… Even if you don’t you’ll still have a great time.

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Adventures are always better with friends

The mythology wouldn’t be half so compelling if Harry didn’t have Hermione and Ron at his side to share his adventures; to help him through the tough times and help him celebrate the good times. The same is true of travel. Whether you’re navigating the Canadian rockies or hugging Goofy at Disneyland, adventures are always better with friends.

The world is a big and sometimes scary place and having people you love and trust by your side can help you let go of your fear and trepidation and truly enjoy your travels!

Confession time: I have neither seen nor read a single Harry Potter book/movie in its entirety. So many thanks to my friends more knowledgeable in this subject who collabed on this post! I do enjoy traveling to new places through books and movies though. I took a virtual trip to Mexico by seeing Coco in theaters today. For adventurous book ideas,click here! 


Travel: It Doesn’t Cost The Earth To See It

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Traveling is an experience that everybody should make a priority on their bucket list. And you shouldn’t just go on the same old vacation to some sunny resort at a popular destination. Obviously, relaxing vacations are fun and you should allow yourself the luxury of getting a tan on a lounger from tan to time. But there’s so much to see in the big wide world that it seems a shame not to explore. Of course, your financial situation might be holding you back. But it doesn’t have to cost the earth to see it. Here are some ways to make travel more affordable.

Make a budget.

Before you go on your travels, you need to make a plan. Whilst that may sound boring, it’s important that you’ve thought about the financial element of your proposed trip so that you can be sure you’ve got enough money to cover everything. Once you’ve calculated the costs, you can figure out whether it falls within your affordable limits. But you shouldn’t have to compromise. You might need to raise additional funds if your budget won’t quite cover everything you want to see and do. Perhaps you have family or friends who are willing to help you out (especially if they’re traveling with you).

Of course, the thought of owing money to loved ones might make it hard for you to enjoy your travels even if they’re happy to give you a fair amount of time to pay them back. Whilst your credit score might not be great if you’ve struggled with your finances in the past, that doesn’t mean borrowing money is completely off limits. You could check out companies such as Evolution Money for secured loans that use your house as collateral. There’s always a way to prove you’re financially trustworthy in order to get the funds you need for your travels.

Visit public sites.

Of course, it isn’t too hard to find cheap flights with a quick Google search. If you wait for the right time of year then you’ll be able to find good deals to all those destinations you’re desperate to see. Still, the journey is only part of the cost of a vacation. You have to think about the costs that’ll be incurred whilst you’re traveling. When seeing towns or cities on your travels, you should strive to visit public sites for a free experience. Museums are obviously a good place to start; you’ll get to learn something about the culture and history of the place you visit without putting a dent in your wallet. National parks are also well worth visiting; you can’t put a price on seeing mother nature.

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Work on your travels.

Finally, one of the best ways to afford your travels is to make traveling part of your career. You could become a tour guide in one of your favorite cities in the world and you’d never have to leave there. You could even work on a cruise ship if you’d rather be on the move and constantly traveling to new places. Not only do you get to see beautiful countries all over the globe but you get to be part of a friendly family of cruise ship workers who travel with you. Of course, there are numerous career opportunities all over the world; you could even look into volunteering abroad because many charities will cover your travel expenses.

Ednote: Just enjoyed a great, budget-friendly Thanksgiving day trip. Went with my family to snowshoe Crater Lake National Park- can’t wait to tell you about it!

5 Vacation Activities You Should Try At Least Once!

Life is all about trying new experiences and getting to know new people. You can’t have a fulfilling life, if you don’t live it in a fulfilling way. This means soaking up every opportunity and every chance you get to do something amazing, something different to the day to day mundane. Going on vacation is a luxury in life that many people never get to experience until adulthood, so when you do get to have the chance to get away, you should say a resounding ‘yes’ to every new experience that comes your way.

The most popular time of year for a vacation is whenever it happens to be warm, and no matter when you go – somewhere in the world will be warm at that point. If you want to go away and really enjoy your vacation, there are some activities you should make a point of seeking out and doing. Call it a vacation bucket list, if you must, but either way, we’ve got five activities that you absolutely have to tick off while you’re on your next sunshine break.

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Boat Trips. Whether you’re a boat owner who loves the water, or you’re hiring one for the day, you need to get on the ocean and experience the world at a different pace. Take a cooler and a picnic basket and find out where you can buy the best boat umbrellas. Wind-stable Finbrella purchases mean that you can take that boat to the ocean and spend the day out on the water. It’s an experience everyone should have at least once!

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Open Air Concerts. Going on vacation means trying something new, right? Well, make sure your head somewhere with an open-air concert on offer and dance the night away under a blanket of stars.

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Sunrise Yoga. Whether you’re on vacation or not, you should still keep up with your health and fitness. Counteract those dancing nights with cocktails and burgers with early morning sunrise yoga. Getting onto the beach when the sunrise peaks over the edge of the ocean, breathing in the clean air and getting in touch with yourself? Yep, that’s what vacations are about.

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Diving. Above the ocean level is endless blue sky and sunshine. Below? Below is the quiet tranquillity of the sea and all the marine life you could imagine. So, don your diving suit and get under the water for an experience that feels other-worldly.

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Taste The Rainbow. Whenever you are exploring somewhere new, you need to look at the food on offer. You’ll find far more exotic options on offer on vacation, so you need to get stuck in and try it all! That dish that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Go and buy it. That weird coloured fruit? Take a bite. It’s all about the senses on vacation and you need to indulge yours.

Going away and trying new things gives you the chance to enjoy life from a different angle. That’s an angle you need to learn to enjoy!

PS– Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow US readers! How are you celebrating today?

Beaches vs Skiing

Both have their pros and cons depending on what you’re looking for. But whichever one you’re travelling to, you’re in for a good time. A lot of people head for the traditional beach holiday not knowing what they’re missing with a skiing holiday. Yet a lot of people head to the slopes for an action packed holiday, but don’t realize you can have just as much fun on a beach holiday. So which one wins? Is it a beach holiday or a skiing one? Both have their pros and cons depending on what you’re going there for. If you know you prefer one over the other, then let this article open your mind to new possibilities.


Skiing Holidays

Beach lovers listen up, you’re missing a trick if you don’t at least once head to the slopes and experience the thrill of a skiing holiday. Let’s first talk about the destination. There are some really stunning destinations all over the world where ski resorts lie, but if you head to Andorra, Andorra ski holidays will give you an experience like no other. The accommodation is luxurious and so is the location. Imagine yourself in a wooden lodge, the fires roaring away, the snow is trickling down outside, and you’re cuddled up with the fluffiest blanket in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate after a day on the cold slopes. Does it sound perfect? We think it does! We keep saying skiing, but you can also try your hand at snowboarding if that takes your fancy more. As you head up the slopes there will be a number of different restaurants along the way if you decide you need a break. A lot of people chose to go up on the lifts and stop off at every restaurant along the way. When you do get to the slope you want to go down, the adrenaline rush you’ll have will be insane, plus it is just so much more fun than you realize!

Beach Holidays

Convincing an adrenaline junky to go on a relaxing beach holiday is hard, but we think we know how to do it. Sometimes in life you just need a little relaxation, which a beach holiday does give. But this isn’t all the offer. If you head to islands like Tenerife, you’ll have plenty of action packed things to do to keep you occupied. There’s the buggy experience up Mount Teide which sees you out all day racing round the winding mountain road, or there’s plenty of watersports on the beach to keep you occupied. If you get there and realize the relaxation life is for you, then there’s plenty of beautiful beaches where you can catch some rays. The nightlife in Tenerife is amazing, especially if you head to Playa De Las Americas. There’s tons of amazing restaurants. Some of the beach front hotels are stunning and offer incredible views to wake up to. Whether you head there and still want a bit of adrenaline, or realise you need to relaxation time, Tenerife has it all for you. 

The Best Destinations For A Christmas Holiday Getaway

Not everybody enjoys spending Christmas at home. For personal or practical reasons, many people choose to spend the festive season away. You can get some incredible deals if you book early enough, whether you want to enjoy the Christmas spirit in a faraway land, or want to forsake festivities altogether and enjoy sunnier climes away from the snow. 

The following are the holiday destinations that we think are perfect for anybody wanting to holiday this winter season.



Rome is perfect for those who enjoy the religious aspects of Christmas. With Midnight Mass at the Pantheon on Christmas Eve, there is the opportunity to stand with the hundreds of people who celebrate Christ’s birth. Then stand under one of the biggest Christmas trees you will ever see at St Peter’s Square, and listen to the Pope give his traditional Christmas Day speech from this very location. However, Rome is also great for the people of any (or no) faith. There is a giant Christmas market at the Piazza Navona, with mulled wine and hot food to keep you warm. There is a giant outdoor ice skating rink at Castel Sant’angelo, and then there is the wonderful Christmas light display lined across many of Rome’s famed shopping streets.



You may have already read our article on things to do in Finland, but if not, know that is the holiday destination to visit if you have a young family. You will need to wrap up warm, but the trek to see Santa Claus at his Christmas Village is worth the winter chill. Tour the area on a dog-pulled sleigh or snowmobile, and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights which are greater than any Christmas light display. Lapland is one of the most popular Winter destinations, so you will need to book early to avoid disappointment. Don’t worry, Santa will still visit you at home if you don’t make it!

The Gold Coast


Can’t stand the cold and the snow? Then head to warmer climes and book one of these

Elite Holiday Homes on the Gold Coast. If you are a bit of a Grinch and want to get away from anything to do with Christmas, you can sunbathe on one of the many beaches, with endless stretches of sand and sea. However, if you still want to celebrate the season, there is much to do. Visit the seaside resort of Surfers Paradise and catch the unusual sight of Santa’s sleigh being pulled along by kangaroos, visit the Sanctuary Cove Christmas Carnival at the Marine Village, and keep up with the Joneses by heading to suburbia for the annual Christmas Light competition. You won’t even need to don your hat and gloves, unlike your poor relatives at home.

New York


Home to many of the best Christmas movies… Home Alone 2, Miracle on 34th Street and.. erm.. Die Hard… you are guaranteed to have a magical time in this, one of the greatest cities in the world. Walk down Fifth Avenue and check out the iconic window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. Take the Holiday Train Show through the Botanical Gardens, and marvel at the miniaturised versions of The Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station. Go and see the classic Christmas tale The Nutcracker, performed by The New York City Ballet. Ice skate at Central Park. Then gaze in awe at the festive light display on the Empire State Building. Absolutely magical!

Over to you

So, what are you going to do this Christmas? You don’t need to stay at home with your bickering relatives if they drive you up the wall. Fly away to one of the destinations we mentioned, and enjoy the season celebrating the season the way you want to.

3 Common Mistakes Millennials Make When Traveling To Hot Countries

When you go traveling, there are many things you take into consideration, one of which is the weather. Ideally, you want to go somewhere nice and hot, somewhere to relax and enjoy the great weather. I love going to hot countries, but they do require you to be a bit more prepared. Otherwise, you will end up with sun damaged skin for the rest of your life.

Throughout my travels I’ve come across a few common mistakes, we make when going to hot countries. Here are the three biggest, and why they need to be avoided:


Falling Asleep In The Sun

I’ve been on holiday in a hot country and walked along the beach where I’ve seen dozens of people falling asleep in the sun. They’re just lying there, with no shade covering them at all, having a little snooze. I don’t want to generalize, but it tends to be young people that have been out the night before and are trying to catch any rest they can find. While there’s nothing wrong with sunbathing, falling asleep is completely different. It means you can be in the sun for absolutely ages, resulting in some severe burns. It’s not uncommon for people to have second-degree burns from falling asleep in the searing hot sun all day long. Believe me, that’s a surefire way to completely ruin your trip and land you a few nights in a foreign hospital bed.

Forgetting Cream For Their Skin

Now, if you go on holiday and forget your sunscreen, then it shouldn’t matter too much as you can buy some abroad. However, it’s important that you remember other creams for your skin too. I’m talking about burn creams, aloe vera gel, aftersun – the stuff you apply when you’ve come in from sunbathing to look after your skin. If you look at Med Consumers burn ointment list, you’ll struggle to find a lot of these creams and gels in shops. The same can go for some types of aloe vera gel and after sun cream too. So, if you can’t find them in shops, you’ll have a hard time getting your hands on them while traveling. As such, you need to remember to pack them before you go, or else your skin may go unprotected during your entire trip. Also, remembering to bring the cream is only half of your task. You’ve got to remember to use them too, whenever you’ve been in the sun and come inside. Hopefully, you won’t need to use any burn cream, but bring it just in case you get some sore red patches.


Not Drinking Enough Water

Hot weather doesn’t just cause sunburn, it can also cause sunstroke and dehydration. Being in the sun for hours a day will literally dry you out like a prune. Your body needs so much water to counter this and keep you healthy. Normally, you should drink around 2 litres of water per day, but you should add to this when you’re in a hot country. Heck, double it just to be safe! The more water you drink, the better. Don’t make the mistake of not carrying a big refillable bottle with you wherever you go.

Avoid these mistakes when you’re in a hot country, and your experience of the place will be a thousand times better.

PS- As a millenial traveler myself, I’ve struggled with my fair share of struggling in hot destinations. Another accompanying problem is sweat. Click here for tips on combatting perspiration! 

Viva España


The world is full of such incredible and diverse cultures. There are so many hidden gems across all corners of the earth, but it’s safe to say that Europe has some of the most stunning of all. Like Spain. This sun-clad spot offers it all. From incredible weather to phenomenal food, there’s a lot to be said for visiting Spain. Housing 17 independent regions, Spain even comes with an eclectic mix of cultures within itself. And with so much on offer, it would be rude not to indulge in it all.

From the capital city of Madrid with its royal histories and cultural hotspots to the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region, Barcelona, with its hugely artistic influence, there’s so much to absorb when you travel through the country. Whether you’ve been to Spain before and you’re interested in seeing the best, or you’ve never been, and you need to know where to hit up first, here’s the ideal agenda for you.

Time Your Travel Well

Firstly, you’re going to want to time your travel well. There are lots of great times that you can go to Spain. But if you want to make sure that you can do or see certain things, you’re going to want to get your visit booked in to coincide with that. Maybe you want to soak up the summer? Then June to August is the time frame for you. If you want it to be a little cooler so you can take in some of the top attractions, then try April or May, or September or October.

Plan A Route

Next up, you need a plan. If you are looking to go to a range of different spots, you need to work out how to logistically get from A to B. And this can be quite tough. For this reason, you may want to work with a travel specialist that can point you in the right direction and make sure that you’re getting around in the most efficient manner.


Mix Up Your Experiences

As you’re planning that trip, you’re going to want to think about getting your experiences in. Because there’s so much culture on offer in Spain, you have to be sure to see it all. Whether it’s flamenco dancing or hitting up the museums, be sure to take in all things Spanish in a range of different ways. From the cities to the beaches to the countryside, each area can offer its own experience.

Always Choose A Central Spot

When you’re moving around a lot, you’re going to have to find a range of different accommodations. But pick wisely. When you’re looking into apartment in Spain options, be sure to choose somewhere central. That way, you can see all the places you want to from an easy to access hub.


Eat Rich

Spain is a foodie paradise. So while you’re taking in any of the 17 regions, be sure to sample some local fare. From a beach front paella cooked up in front of your eyes to a Spanish tortilla, there’s an array of foods you have to indulge in during your trip, if you really want to say you’ve experienced the best of Spain.

Go Off The Beaten Path

But don’t always feel attracted to the tourist spots. If you really want to make the most of your time in Spain, you need to experience life as the locals would. So stay in more secluded parts of the country, particularly in the north. It’s a different pace of life to the rather Anglicized south, which is half of its charm.


Tick Off The Best Sights

Part of your planning is bound to be around some of the must-see sights. And Spain has plenty. It would be a shame to see the country and not visit the likes of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville. So while you’re pulling together an agenda to get excited about, be sure to include some of these incredible sights and your visit to Spain will be as good as it can be.

Take Your Time

Above all else, while you’re in town, be sure to take your time. Because there’s a lot to see and do, and the sights are incredibly unique. It’s tempting to document it all, but when you’re trying to do that, you’re not going to be actually enjoying it. So slow down and don’t rush through your trip. Just be sure to soak it all up and enjoy your own Viva España moment.

Me hiking Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain

Things To Remember For Your Trip Down Under


There’s no better feeling than seeing the world, and I mean with your own two eyes and not through a computer screen. For one reason or another, a place that is on most people’s bucket list is Australia. Perhaps it’s the warm weather, the magnificent beaches, the wine or the food, but whatever the reason, if you are planning to travel to Australia anytime soon, there are a few things that you have to remember.

Skip The Hotel

If you don’t know already, things in Australia cost a lot more than they do back home. This is likely to be because workers in Australia are paid a lot more per hour than they would in most other countries. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll need to take a lot of money with you on your trip. To cut costs a little, skip the hotel, and book a room or apartment using Airbnb instead. This means that you can also save on food, as you can cook your own meals, instead of eating out.

Rent A Car

If you’re planning to visit Perth, the capital of Western Australia, then you will likely need to rent a car during your stay. This is because Perth is incredibly spread out, so it takes a while to get anywhere. Public transport is great, with some bus and train systems even offering free rides, but is also often overcrowded, which won’t make for fun mornings if it’s really warm. Click vehicle hire Perth if you need to hire a car for your trip.

Book Travel Insurance

You should take out travel insurance whenever you leave the country, just in case anything happens, but when travelling to somewhere like Australia, it’s absolutely essential. For starters, you’re travelling a much longer distance, which means there’s a much higher chance for your airline to lose one of your suitcases. There are also a lot more dangers in Australia, especially if you intend to do any adventure sports, like scuba diving.

The Climate’s Opposite

A lot of people think that Australia is hot all year round, when there are four seasons a year, just like most other places. In fact, the seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere, with summer being from December to February, and winter being from June to August. You can even get snow, as long as you visit the southern mountain regions. If you are visiting Australia throughout the summer, you have to remember to keep in the shade as much as possible and be sure to slap on sunscreen. You can burn to a crisp in under thirty minutes if you’re not careful, so be careful.

There is a lot to see and do in Australia, but if you want to make the most out of your trip, and stay safe, then be sure to remember the advice above. In particular, be sure to be safe with the sun, and book your travel insurance. Other than that, have lot’s of fun and take plenty of pictures to remember your time away.   

Making the Most of a Cotswolds Trip

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The Cotswolds is one of those places you can’t help but love. Stunning landscapes, exciting attractions, great food and historical monuments – it has everything you could want from a holiday destination and more! In fact, there’s so much to do in the area, that it could be difficult narrowing your itinerary down! Let me help you with that by telling you about some things you absolutely MUST do and see when you’re in the area…

Cotswolds Wildlife Park

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If you’re an animal lover, you simply must take the time to visit the Cotswolds Wildlife Park, which is probably the biggest and best family attraction in the area. While you’re there, you’ll get to see lions, giraffes, monkey and even penguins – you’ll be in animal heaven!

The Wood Norton

If you’re a fully paid-up member of the foodie club, then you’re really going to want to stop off at Evesham around dinner time. Why? Because that’s where you’ll find The Wood Norton – a luxury local hotel with an even more luxurious restaurant. Try the 7-course tasting menu, and you won’t be disappointed by the fine award-winning food on offer. Oh, it’s all locally sourced too!

Cheltenham Racecourse

Cheltenham is one of the biggest and best racecourses in the country, so if you like a little flutter, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to put on your glad rags for a day at the races. Who knows, you might even win big and have an even better time than you imagined!

The Slaughters

Despite its rather macabre name, The Slaughters, which is made up of Upper and Lower Slaughter is a beautiful place with some of the most spectacular views in the country. If you love looking at landscapes, and you like to stay active, it’s a great place to spend some time walking.

Westonbirt Arboretum

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If you’re looking for a romantic place to spend some time with your beau, look no further than this stunning arboretum, which is populated with more than 600 acres of trees from all around the world. It really is one of the most stunning tree gardens you’re ever likely to see, and the perfect spot to steal a kiss or two from the one you love!

The Birthplace of William Shakespeare

Whether you’re a fan of his work or not, you can’t deny Shakespeare’s talent nor his lasting influence on modern culture, which means that a visit to the home where he was born and grew up is a must if you’re in the Stratford area. You might also want to visit the theatre and see one of his finest, too!

The Model Village

If you have the time, take a trip to the quaint little village of Bourton-on-the-Water, where no matter how old you might be, you will be delighted by The Model Village – a one-ninth scale replica of the village which is it’s home. The detail that has been put into its creation, right down to the tiniest flowers, will really blow you away.

If the Cotswolds wasn’t already on your ‘To Visit’ list, add it right now!

Choosing the Right Form of Accommodation for Each of Your Trips

Every holiday or trip away from home is unique. You’ll be heading to different places and travelling for different purposes. In short, you’ll expect something different from each place that you visit. So you can’t expect one form of accommodation to cater to all of your needs regardless of the situation. It only makes sense that you should consider where you’re going to stay during each of your journeys before setting off and ensuring that you choose the option that best suits your needs at that given time. Here are a few different types of accommodation to consider next time you’re away from home.


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Hotels are perhaps the most commonly used form of accommodation when people go on their travels. It’s not surprising. They’re comfortable, luxurious, and offer you pretty much anything and everything that you could possibly wish for as part of your vacation. They are ideal for those who want rest, relaxation and recuperation. If the weather is fine, you can take advantages of common features such as pools and sun loungers. Many also offer spas where you can receive massages, facials, and other treatments. Perhaps the best part? Large buffets or other forms of catering that keep your appetite satiated day and night. They may be relatively expensive, but they are great for a treat.


Hostels are like budget versions of hotels. You may lack privacy, as you will likely have to share your room or dorm with other weary travellers, but you will have somewhere to rest your head for the night. This doesn’t sound ideal, but their low price makes up for what facilities and luxuries they lack. Hostels are the ideal form of accommodation for backpacking. You can save the money that you do have for food and activities, without having to resort to sleeping on the streets or forking out for lavish hotels. So, if you merely need somewhere to sleep, this is the option for you. You can simply get your head down, the set off on your new adventures the following day. Job done!


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Corporate Housing

Many people will not have heard of this option before, but corporate housing is great for business trips or extended leisure trips where you want a home away from home. Decorated and furnished apartments are let out for short periods of time. They are often located in large cities, so provide the perfect option for those who are considering a city break. While you explore by day, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you have a comfortable home to return to at night with all the amenities and home comforts you could wish for.


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If you’re seeking an experience a little further out from the city and the wilderness calls, camping could be the best option for you. What do you camp in? A tent. However, things nowadays are a little more complicated when it comes to purchasing the right tent for your needs. Different styles are designed for different purposes, and prices can vary from low to extremely expensive. So work out how long you’re going to be out in the elements for and how severe weather conditions are likely to be. For even the shortest of trips, you’re going to want something that is watertight and water resistant. If you are going to be camping for a while, you will want something a little larger to avoid feeling cooped up or claustrophobic. At the same time, you want everything to be as lightweight as possible, as you’re going to have to carry it to and from your designated campsite. Tents, however, aren’t just for those looking to venture into the woods. They are also a must-have for festival-goers who are planning on seeing all of their favourite bands over an extended weekend.

Log Cabin

If you fancy heading out of the city and into the countryside, but fancy a little more comfort than the humble tent can provide, you may want to consider a more permanent fixture. A log cabin, to be precise. These give you a taste of the rural at the same time as guaranteeing your warmth and security. They are rustic, homely, and a great way for you to escape from the rush and hubbub of the inner city without having just a thin layer of material between you and the elements.

These are just a few different forms of accommodation that you might experience on your travels. Remember that there’s so much more out there than the standard hotel room. Broaden your experience and be adventurous!